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I don't, but change the oil and filter every 3000 miles religiously and you will be saved.

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Q: How often do you change the oil in the Pontiac transport?
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How do you change oil pan on Pontiac transport 3.4L 97?

U have to remove the subframe from the vehicle.

Where is oil pressure sender for 1995 Pontiac transport?

Oil pressure sender /fuel pump switch for 1995 Pontiac transport 3.1 is located between oil filter and starter at front of engine.

How much oil to put in Pontiac Transport?

4.5 quarts

How do you fix an oil leak on a 95 Pontiac trans am?

where's the leak at?

Where's the oil pump located on a 95 Pontiac transport?

In the lower end of the engine, inside the oil pan.

How many quarts of oil do you need when you change your oil on a Pontiac g6?

5 qts. with a new oil filter change.

How do you reset the oil life on a 98 Pontiac gtp after you change the oil?

i have a 99 gtp and it resets itself after i change the oil

How do you change the oil pump on a 1998 Pontiac grand am?

You will have to drop the oil pan to access

How do you change a oil pump on a 1989 Pontiac sunbird le?

Remove oil pan

How often do you need oil filter change?

Change the oil filter every time you change the oil.

When do you change oil Pontiac g3?

use synthetic every 7500.

How often do you change the oilfilter in a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

Every time you change the oil, change the filter. I recommend every 5,000 miles and I also recommend you use an AC/Delco filter, which is highly rated.

Where would an oil leak come from if not the valve cover gaskets on a 1994 Pontiac Transport?

lower intake gasket

Where is the oil filter on a 1937 Pontiac 223?

There is no oil filter on the 1937 Pontiac 223 engine. Instead there is a screen inside the oil pan that needs to be cleaned every year or so. In addition you need to change your oil more often in these old motors, think every 1000 miles. You also cannot run regular oil from the parts store, you need to run an oil with zinc in it. There are several brands of racing oil that will do the trick, or you can add a ZDDP additive when you change the oil.

What is the oil capacity for a 1997 Pontiac trans sport?

(4.3L) 4.5 quarts oil and filter change.

Where is oil pressure switch on a 2003 Pontiac grand am?

How to change oil pressure sensor on 3.4 sfi

How do you change the oil in a 1992 Pontiac Firebird?

simple..... drain oil from drain pan and change filter a small plug on the pan is what your looking for

How many quarts of oil does a 1964 Pontiac lemans with 326 v8 take?

Most Pontiac engines will take around 6 quarts of oil....with a filter change.

How often to change oil on 1999 Ford E-350 van?

how often you change oil to a E350 2012..

How often do you change the oil in a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

you should change your engine oil in any car when, A. you have driven 3,000 miles since your last oil change, or B. you have gone 3 months since your last oil change. this keeps all of the sludge and dirt out of your oil galleries and off of your bearings and journals... in english, it keeps your engine clean, improves emissions and will keep your car running longer.

What is the oil capacity of a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am?

4.5 quarts with filter change.

How often should an oil filter be changed?

Change the oil filter every time you change the oil.

How do you change the oil pan gasket in a 1995 Pontiac Transport?

if your trying to fix the oil leak the oil pan gasket isn't going to do it our 3800 has leaked oil since is was new dealer put a new pan gasket in it about 4 times the pan gets warped and leaks again with in a few weeks

How often do you change oil in 06 Pontiac G6?

Change your oil/filter every 5,000 miles if you use conventional oil and every 8,000 miles if you use synthetic and you drive under normal conditions. If your vehicle is equipped with an oil life monitor system then change it when the system tells you too and reset the oil life monitor. If it does not come on for one year change the oil anyway and reset the system even though the light is not on.

Do you have to change oil filter 2004 Pontiac vibe?

All internal combustion engines using oil as a lubricant need the oil filter changed when you change the oil. manf. recomendation...3000 miles