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Never, unless you have a leak.

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Q: How often do you need to replace freon in central air conditioning unit?
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How often should you replace freon in home sprinkler system?

There is no freon in a home sprinkler system.

How often do you need to add freon to a central air conditioning unit?

Never, an air conditioner is a closed system. If you need to add refrigerant you have a leak that needs to be repaired. In theory you should never have to add freon. but there can be some residual loss. maybe after five to ten years.

How often should you replace a home air conditioning unit?

If it works properly, never.

How often should freon be replaced in a central air conditioner?

Never! If it's low on refrigerant it has leaked.

How often should you replace freon in a Honda accord?

Freon does not generally need to be replaced. However over time, systems sometimes have a small leak and need to have coolant added. A Freon gauge can confirm if you need to have Freon added.

How often to change freon?

No need to.

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How often do I need to recharge freon in your 2002 Camry?

Never - unless there is a leak in system

How often does one have to clean out air conditioning filters?

Air conditioning filters have to be cleaned at least every three months. Dirty air conditioning filters can increase energy consumption of air conditioners.

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