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How often do you pay for your Medicare?


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During your working life, you pay Medicare tax out of your paycheck. That tax pays for your Medicare Part A (hospitalization). When you turn 65 and enroll in Medicare, you can choose to enroll in Part B (medical/doctor's office). The premium for Part B for 2009 is $96.40 per month (if you make less than $85,000.00 per year) which is automatically deducted from your Social Security check.

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Medicare beneficiaries pay premiums (most people do not have to pay a premium for Medicare Part A); also, working retirees pay Medicare payroll tax.

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That would be covered under the terms of your policy. In general that is what supplemental, (secondary) insurance is primarily for. Most "supplemental" plans pay the 20% that Medicare didn't pay only AFTER seeing an "explanation of benefits" statement--i.e. proof that Medicare paid their part. If Medicare denies a service all together, the supplemental plan is often under no obligation to pay at all, as they are there to "supplement" Medicare, not take the place of it in cases of denial. This is especailly true if Medicare denies because the service was deemed "not medically necessary". So, in short, no. Medicare supplements often do not cover services if they are denied by the primary (Medicare).

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If by "pay Medicare" you mean the Medicare payroll tax, the only way to avoid this is to work at a job that is not covered by Medicare. There aren't very many of these. If you're referring to Medicare premiums, the law does not require anyone to enroll in Medicare.

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Everyone who pays any type of federal tax pays for medicare- Therefore, anyone who pays no federal taxes, does not pay for medicare. CORRECTION: Medicare is funded by a payroll tax, paid by employers and employees, and by insurance premiums. It is not funded by income taxes or other sources. Therefore, persons who are not yet Medicare eligible or who are unemployed and those few who are employed but do not pay Medicare payroll taxes do not pay for Medicare.

Medicare pay bills to those doctors who are associated with Medicare, and doctors who are not associated to it for those you need to refer it to Medicare administration.

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If you are speaking of automobile claims, Medicare and Medicare supplements are not related to automobile claims. Automobile insurance should pay the claims related to the vehicle, especially if you were injured. Medicare and Medicare supplements pay hospital and medical bills related to your healthcare.

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