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I think it depends on how early you are in pregnancy. I took 10tests which all were negative even though I knew I am pregnant before the HgC levels were high enough to indicate pregnancy via test. You can usually get an accurate reading about 1-2weeks pregnant with a good test such as Clearblue digital (I used this which indicated I was 1-2weeks pregnant) and I'm not 4weeks pregnant and registered with the midwife. Good luck!

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Q: How often does a false negative pregnancy test occur?
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How often will methadone give a false positive pregnancy test?

Never. A pregnancy test measures hormones and methadone don't have that.

How often can methadone give a false pregnancy test?

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Can pregnancy be detected 13 days after egg transfer with ivf?

While early pregnancy testing is possible it often gives a false negative. In cases of IVF where fertility drugs are used it can yield a false positive. It is best to wait until the the time your Dr recommends which is usually 14-16 days after transfer.

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go see your doctor. Pregnancy tests often give false negatives, but rarely give false positives. Or there could be a problem with the IUD which needs sorting.

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Pregnancy tests can often give false negatives but rarely give false positives.The best time of day to take a pregnancy test is in the morning with the first urine of the day.Try taking a test about 2 weeks after a missed period. If after a month you still don't have a positive test you should see a medical doctor to check for other possible causes/

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