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How often has the home team in a seven game post-season series won every game?

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2015-07-16 18:30:33
2015-07-16 18:30:33

Here is every time that has happenned: 2004 NLCS: St. Louis over Houston. 2001 World Series: Arizona over NY Yankees. 1991 World series: Minnesota over Atlanta. 1987 World Series: Minnesota over St. Louis. I used a baseball website to look all that up so I know im right.

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Major League Baseball has a five game series for their postseason, but only for the Division Series. MLB's League Championship Series and World Series is the best-of-seven.The NBA and NHL are both best-of-seven series throughout the postseason.

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after every seven games

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Through the 2010 season, Miami leads the all-time series, seven games to five. The total includes regular-season and postseason contests.

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