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How often is a landlord required to repaint an apartment?

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Depends on the state you live in. In Wisconsin, the landlord MUST repaint any unit between tenants.

The short answer is: he (or she) is NOT required to paint an apartment. Generally, whether a landlord paints an apartment depends entirely on the conditions of the rental market at the time and location. If it's a landlord's market, don't expect the landlord to paint, even if the place is a mess. The responsibility and cost of painting will be on the renter. Renters should get the landlord's permission in writing before painting, however. In a renter's market, landlords may offer to paint the place before you move in. If you've been living there a while and your lease is ending, the landlord may be willing to paint your unit if he doesn't want to lose you as a tenant. But I certainly wouldn't expect an apartment to be pointed more frequently than once every five years or so. Any tenant of mine that required his unit to be painted more often than that is not one I'd want to keep.

2009-04-18 18:03:19
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How often do landlords have to paint apartments in Florida?

how often does the landlord is required to paint apartment,even after moving out

How often does the landlord need to paint a apartment?

This may vary depending on your jurisdiction. Generally the landlord has no obligation to paint an apartment, unless it is otherwise in your contract.

How often is a landlord in California required to replace carpet?

3-5 years

What is the definition of the word tenants?

A tenant is a person who occupies a property, often an apartment, from another person, often known as a landlord. The tenant often pays rent for the property the tenant occupies.

How often is a landlord required to replace heat pump?

when its broke or u can prove its not working right

How much can rent be raised in Illinois?

The rent of an apartment can be raised as often and as high as the landlord feels like. All he has to do, is give prior notice to the tenants.

How often is a landlord in Minnesota required to replace carpet?

There are no laws in Minnesota directly pertaining to the carpeting, but landlords are required to keep the property in a state of "reasonable repair."

How often should I re-paint my house?

You should repaint your house every ten years. That is the average normal cycle to repaint your house.

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Can you take your landlord to court for putting you out?

It depends on the circumstances. If the landlord illegally evicted you, yes, you're entitled to damages as a result of a breach of lease and law. A landlord is required to give notice of lease terminate based on how often you pay rent or as specified in your lease agreement. If you pay rent every month, the landlord is required to give one months notice. If the landlord physically removed your possessions without a court ordered eviction or cause, he's responsible for not only the illegal eviction but the cost of the damages to property sustained in an illegal eviction. In many jurisdictions, you're also entitled to your full security deposit back as a result of a lease breach. However, if your landlord legally and lawfully evicted you, you do not have cause of action unless the landlord fails to return your security deposit. Remember, the landlord is entitled to inspect the unit for any damages and you are allowed by law to be present and given notification as to when the inspection will take place. You also have the right to refute in court any damages in which the landlord claims you caused. In most situations where a tenant has lived in a house, apartment, or room for 10 years or more, significant wear and tare is factored in.

Can a landlord use last months rent as a security deposit in Arizona?

Yes, only if the Landlord accepts. This is usually a request by a Tenant that is most often denied by the Landlord.

How do you sign a lease for an apartment when paying rent with financial aid?

Many colleges have apartments, commonly known as off-campus student housing, where this is possible. Students often pay by the semester. If you are renting a regular apartment then it shouldn't matter where the payments are coming from, unless the apartment complex has a rule -- that which most apartment complexes do have -- that your income must be at least three times the amount of the rent. You may have to explain to the landlord that you receive financial aid every semester and that accordingly, that's how often your rent must be paid. Most apartment complexes near colleges have provisions for college students receiving financial aid.

How often does a landlord in NH have to put new carpet in?

I was wondering how often the landlord needs to replace carpets in NH? If someone else lived there and I/m moving in, what do they have to do? Thanks Sally

What should I do to let the landlord know I'm moving out?

Tell him; you may be required by law to give a notice, often two weeks before the date you expect to be gone. He can then arrange what needs be.

How much and how often can your rent be raised within a year?

How much and how often can a landlord raise the rent?

Is it legal to move out of Arkansas to Texas at 17?

No. You are minor until you are 18. You can move at 18. A person under 18 can not sign contracts. These are often required to rent an apartment or to get a car.

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Can a tenant demand receipts for damages the landlord charges for that exceeds the deposit?

Typically the damage deposit remains the legal property of the tenant until the landlord provides PROOF that the landlord has somehow "earned" the right to keep it, i.e., by proving the costs of repairs. Some states have laws that are very specific about what documentation the landlord must provide, when it must be provided (e.g., within 14 days), and what the tenant must do if he or she objects to the accounting. The landlord is often required to return the ENTIRE deposit if they fail to comply with the law, but that certainly doesn't stop the landlord from suing the tenant for non-payment.

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How long can a guest visit and how often can they visit in your apartment?

The amount of time a guest can stay in your apartment varies from complex to complex. You would need to read your rental agreement for your apartment to find out how long that is. There usually are no regulations for how often a guest can visit.

How often can you have visitors when renting an apartment?

As often as you like as long as you and your visitors are not being loud and disturbing.

How often should the landlord replace the carpet and paint?

Only when needed. It is expensive to do.

What is the minimum credit score apartment owners look at before they will accept tenants?

Normally speaking, apartment complexes and owners are not looking at a credit score as a basis for their decision to rent you an apartment. Of course this might be a factor with luxury apartments. But what landlords are looking for our history of evictions and nonpayment of utility bills. If the issue with your credit is simply with credit cards, medical bills, or even furniture bills, this usually does not affect the decision of the landlord. This is especially true with landlords who rent apartments to low income tenants. Also if your credit issue is more than two years old this is often overlooked by the landlord. Most apartment complexes will do credit checks -- that's a fact of life. But if everyone with bad credit was denied an apartment this could be considered discrimination. Other factors involved include criminal records: apartment owners do not want recently convicted felons are convicted sex offenders in their units.

What is the difference between an apartment and a house?

A house is owned by the person/people in it. An apartment is rented/leased to those who occupy it. An apartment is managed by a landlord and a house is managed by the person to whom it belongs to. In an apartment, any alteration or remodeling procedure has to be performed, or at least approved by the landlord. On the contrary, you can tear down a wall and paint everything green in your own house!. Apartments also vary in size, and location too. But most are basic, with a handful of bedrooms and a couple bathrooms in a urban, or suburban area. But they all should be in good condition. Often apartments are unexpectantly inspected, though most of them are found fit, it is very annoying. The unamaginable, simplest things are nessecary or mandatory. Similiar to preparing your home for a newborn, every single adjustment matters.

How much notice should I get before a housing entry inspection?

The landlord is not required to give you any notice, but then you are not required to allow the landlord entry. While you must honor the request to inspect promptly, that doesn't mean this instant. Any time with 48 hours should do just fine. The idea is that the landlord is entitled to make sure the unit is not endangered, but you on the other hand, being a renter, are entitled to privacy. It's best if you can handle explaining this amicably. Even though it's your right, it's often best to work these things out informally and pleasantly.