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In the United States, the census is conducted every 10 years. The next census will be in 2010.

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A census is taken every ten year in the Bahamas.

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ever 10 years

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Every ten years

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Q: How often is census taken in the Bahamas?
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How often are censuses taken?

Federal census is taken every 10 years. Some regional census polls are taken more often, but the law is for every 10 years.

How often is the California census taken?

The US Census is taken every ten years in the years ending in zero.

How often is Jamaica census taken?

ever 10 years

How often are census in Canada taken?

Every five years

How often does the constitution require that a census be taken?

Every 10 years

How often are census taken in Rhode Island state?

Every ten years with the official United States census.

How often is the census taken in Ireland?

A census is held in Ireland every 5 years. The last was in 2011 and the next will be in 2016.

How often animal census is taken in India?

The All India Wild Animal Census is done every four years. The census was last carried out in May 2014.

How often must a census be taken and what sets this standard?

A Cencus must be taken every 10 years Unknown standard

In Britain how often was a census taken?

William the First, Doomsday Book in 1086. After that the Census Bill was presented to Parliament in November 1800, received the royal assent on the 31st December and the census was started March 1801

When was the first census of Alaska taken?

The first census of Alaska was taken in 1869. The census was taken at Sitka by the United States Army.

Which federal department takes an official census of Americans and how often is it taken?

Census is done every 10 years and the United States Census Bureau is the principle agency responsible for producing the data.