How often should a male testicular and female breast exam be preformed?

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Digital rectal examination is done yearly for males 50 and above. Self breast exam monthly for women.Mammograms as early as 35 years old if there is familial history of cancer. 39 years old and above annul mammograms for those not at risk.
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Why is a breast exam needed and how often should it be done?

The Importance of Breast Examinations . Breast examination is a way in which early changes can be detected, as survival chances are excellent if cancers are detected early. Self-examination should be done monthly, just after a period. If you would like to learn how to do this, see the Web Link ( Full Answer )

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What procedure should be done monthly by males to detect testicular cancer?

Testicular self-examination From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . Because testicular cancer is a significant killer of teenage boys and grown men, doctors recommend monthly self-examination. Men from puberty onwards should examine their testes after a hot shower or bath, when the scrotum is ( Full Answer )

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How often should a breast exam be done?

breast exam should be done every three months, let your health be your priority check your deodorant if its contains alluminium ziconnium, it causes cancer and the nearest place to your armpit is the breast! Which result to breast cancer.

How often should you get a physical exam?

Most infants should get a physical examination every few months. Many disease processes can affect height, weight and head circumferance. Early detection of these concerns can make all the difference in treatment. Older childrens should be seen every year by their medical doctor.

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Articles about the testicular self exam?

You can find articles about it easily online. I wouldn't recommend doing it unless you are in a major risk group, because it turned me into a major hypochondriac...not kidding. And you can damage your testicles if you do it wrong, or excessively.

What is a self testicular exam?

It's a way to examine your own testicles for possible signs of cancer. It's a personal decision as to whether or not you want to do it though, almost every man who does them will become unnecessarily worried, including myself.

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Is it best to ask to see a male doctor for a testicle exam or should i just book an appointment with my regular female doctor?

If you are worried about your testicles then it is best to first see your primary physician, if they find something wrong or want a second opinion they will refer you to a urologist. If you are asking this question because you are uncomfortable with this type of exam with your female doctor then it ( Full Answer )

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Should another person be present for male exam by female doctor?

I'm a male who had a very thorough physical by my (new to me) female doctor. Pretty much everything that could be examined, inside and out, was. After meeting my doctor and talking with her about my medical history and current concerns, I felt comfortable enough that I decided to not ask for a chape ( Full Answer )

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How often should men get physical exams?

Routine physical examinations performed by physicians are recommended every three years for men in their twenties and thirties, every two years for men in their forties, and every year for men over 50.

What is a testicular exam and why is it important?

A testicular exam is when you roll your testicles around in your hands to feel for potential cancer/tumors. Is it important? Yes, however it is not as important as breast exams for women, since breast cancer is more common than testicular cancer. It can also lead to hypochondria, so don't do it ( Full Answer )

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How often should you get an eye exam?

Most people would get their eyes checked at least once a year to every eighteen months, but some get appointments as often as every six months. If you have strong vision and no history of eye complications, your expected necessity for eye exams is relatively low.

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How often should a man check for testicular cancer?

A man should check for testicular cancer once a year. Testicular cancer is most common among males between the age of 15 to 35 so they should check annually for abnormalities.