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* It should be specified in the owners manual, and if not, they are relatively cheap ($3-$8) so you could do it when you do a tune up. Check it by popping it off with the engine off (it is located on the top of the engine usually and connected by a small hose) and shake it. It should rattle. If not, it is clogged and needs to be replaced. Here are more opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: * PCV valves are probably the easiest and cheapest part of keeping the engining running smoothly. They should be changed annually or at least every 2 years. * How often? NEVER. Trade secret among mechanics is take it off every 10-15k miles and soak it in gasoline or other solvent to remove all the gummy oil deposits left by venting the crankcase.All it is is a check valve that is activated by the amount of vacuum a motor creates. I've never bought a new PCV valve for any of the cars I've owned since I started driving 35 year ago. Back then of course,you could work on your car unlike today.Lift the hood and you can't even see the road where as before,you could climb inside under the hood and still have enough room to work.Now you HAVE to bring your car back to the dealer to have it worked on because of all the sensors,valves,computer modules etc's a scam! Save your money on a new PCV valve and just use a little gas from your lawn mower to clean the one you have. * The pcv should be replaced every 35,000 miles. Just cleaning the pcv is not enough. The part that fails on the pcv is the spring and cleaning it will do nothing. This part is cheap and can have a significant impact of gas mileage and on how smooth the car runs. Not the place to be cheap.

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Q: How often should the PCV valve be replaced?
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How often a PCV valve should be replaced in a 2000nissan altima?

replace only when u get a check engine light. the valve is good for the life of the motor(should be)

1989 Chevy Celebrity PCV valve stuck?

When you shake the PCV valve it should rattle. If it does not rattle then it is probably stuck and should be replaced.

Where is the pcv valve on a 1999 Chevy Astro?

The PCV valve on a 1999 Astro should be located on top of the valve cover. It plugs in and can be easily replaced.

Location of a PCV valve on a 2007 Pontiac Torrent?

The PCV valve on q 2007 Torrent is made into the valve cover. It is not removable, the valve cover and PCV valve must be replaced together.

How do you change the PCV valve on 2000 Blazer?

The PCV valve for a 2000 Blazer is mounted in the top of the valve cover. The valve plugs in and easily replaced.

How do you replace PCV valve on Pontiac g6?

The PCV is non-serviceable. It cannot be replaced.

How do you replace PCV valve on 2003 dodge Dakota?

go to the local auto shop and tell them you ned your pcv valve replaced

Where can you find the PCV Valve on a 1999 Lexus ES300?

should be on top of valve cover This picture will help you find the PCV valve What you really need to know is that if your engine has been desludged the L shaped plastic PCV valve would have been replaced with the metallic, straight screw in PCV valve first introduced in 2002.

Where is pcv system for Toyata Tercel?

The PCV valve is on top of the valve cover. Should be a hose connected to it.

When should a PCV valve be replaced on a 2005 Chevy Impala LS?

it shoulb be replaced about every 35,000 miles but some might be rivited into the value cover

Where is the PCV valve in a 1996 jeep wrangler and how do you replace it?

PCV valve is on top of one of your valve covers and it should just pull out there should be a big rubber line on it

How do you remove PCV valve on a 2002 Toyota Celica?

The pcv valve should be located on top of the valve cover. It plugs in, and should pull out with some gentle coaxing.

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