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As long as you can feel the baby move every day you should be fine. Some days they are more active than others.

Once your baby begins its first movements, you should feel it move everyday. After the 5th month, if you have begun feeling movemements and the baby does not move for more that a 34 hour period, you cshould contact your doctor immediately. However some days, the movement might be minimal while other days you feel like the baby is dancing around inside of you. Just be aware of the movements and you should be fine.

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Q: How often should the baby move?
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How often should you feel your baby move in the womb?

You should start to feel your baby move from 16-24 weeks ! You are more likely to feel the baby move when you are relaxing. The baby will move ALOT when you are sitting and relaxing. The more walking you do, the longer they sleep. They may move when your eating and drinking anything with sugar in it.

How often should you feel your baby move at 25 weeks pregnant?

10 times a week

How often should you feel your baby move at 27 weeks pregnant?

At least 10 kicks or movements per day.

How often should you feel your baby move at 20 weeks?

You start to feel the movement of your baby by twenty weeks. This is called as quickening. In the first pregnancy you may not feel the movement very often. In next pregnancy, you are experienced and can feel them more often.

How often should you feed your baby?

every 4 hours if baby is young

Should you be able to feel your baby move at 19 weeks?

You should be able to feel your baby move between 16-20weeks. if this isn't your first pregnancy then you will be able to distinguish 'baby' movement even earlier

Can you feel a baby move at 3 or 4 months pregnant?

yes,it happens,often

How often should my baby move at 30 weeks pregnant?

You should feel at least 10 movements in a six hour period. If you feel no movement for a long period of time, call your doctor.

How much does the baby move on the 33 week?

A lot!! You can often feel the baby kicking your ribs or your bladder, often when you are trying to sleep!

Where should you feel your baby move?

in the bottom of your stomach it should kick all over you stomach

When should your baby kick?

Sometime between 16 and 22 weeks, you'll start to feel your baby move.

How often should a baby have a bowell movement?

10 movements a day.

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