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How often should the transmission fluid and filter be replaced on a 2002 Nissan Maxima?


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The 96 Maxma has a timing chain which lasts the life of the car. I have a 112000 on mine and it runs fine . I am doing mine and I have 12000 when the belt starts to crack or make noise it is good to change it. The belts are not that much. I found mine on line for $12 and I would rather spend that than have it break down and then pay to get it towed.


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the transmission filter is on the inside of the transmission

Inside the transmission under the pan.

Does not have a filter. There is a screen in the transmission which generally needs no service.

the transmission filter is internal so you would have to pull the transmission apart

If they are like the earlier maximas they have an enternal filter

The 1990 Nissan Maxima came equipped with the 3.0L V6 and the RE4F02A automatic transmission. This type of transmission requires a professional tear down and overhaul to remove and replace the transmission filter assembly. It is not a standard pan filter with relatively easy access. The internal Maxima filter for the RE4F02A transmission is ATP part #B157.

yes you have to take the top cover off the transmission and its located in there

How hard is it to change a 2000 Nissan maxima fuel filter

where is the fuel filter on 2008 nissan maxima and can u change it yourself

It depends on the year of the vehicle. On a 2010 Maxima it is recommended every 60,000 miles. When you have this done make sure to have the filter replaced at the same time, many shops just sick out the old oil and never replace the filter.

If it has a servicable filter, it more than likely will be located inside the transmission. The transmission pan will need to be removed to access the filter. Look in your owner's manual.

i was wondering if my Nissan maxima has a filter i can change myself 1989 model

A 1998 Nissan Maxima holds 5 quarts of oil. This includes the oil stored within the oil filter which is replaced during an oil change.

The 1999 Nissan Maxima does not have a cabin air filter. It never came with one.

Check out this website for details on how to find and replace the fuel filter on a 2003 Nissan Maxima.Visit the Related Link below for more on this.

Yes, it has a filter. Click the link for instructions.

The oil filter on a 2007 Nissan Maxima is on the front of the engine. It is down low, near the undercarriage under the pulleys that control the alternator and fan belt.

If your Nissan Maxima has a VQ20 engine, then it's located at the back of the RH Right side front wheel.

It is in the fuel tank. It was relocated there for the 5th generation cars, and Nissan listed it as 'non-serviceable' in the Maxima and Infinity I35 (mechanically identical cousin.) Some owners claim to have replaced it with a high degree of expertise, but is not recommended for those unfamiliar.

my 2001 maxima has a permanent filter in the gas tank. you dont have to change it.

1 Drop pan 2 Remove filter 3 Install filter 4 Insert new gasket after cleaning surface 5 Install pan. Put 5 quarts in, then add as necessary

4.5 Quarts including the filter.

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