How often should tile floors need to be replaced?

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If properly installed tile flooring can last a lifetime. Many of the current materials available today are a porcelain bodied tile that is very high on the hardness scale. The only reason to replace would be if the look of the tile is no longer in style but this is only on an aesthetic basis.
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How do you replace broken floor tiles?

Tape around the old tile with gaffer tape to protect from any tool slipping. Use a mini grinder, cost £15 b&q, or hire for £8 a day hss hire. Carefully cut out the old g

Do you need to seal your travertine tile floor?

Answer . YES natural stone is porous and will stain unless it is properly sealed. Aside from staining, not sealing any natural stone tile can lead to mold and mildew g

Do you need to seal tile floors?

Yes.. If it is a ceramic or porcelain tile you only need to seal the grout.. If you have a natural stone or quarry you need to seal the tile and the grout.. Generally when

How do you find replacement floor tiles?

Google "replacement floor tiles". Example of what may be found: or google "floor tile replacements" Examples found:

How often should you reseal travertine tile floors?

Depends on cleaning methods used after sealing. Strong cleaners may strip sealer or weaken them. You can test to see if the sealer is working by opening a bottle of water, fil
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How do you replace a cracked ceramic floor tile?

you will bust it up & remove & drop a new one in it's place.. That is the short answer. The grout will have to removed as well & breaking tile & flying grout can be dangerous