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How often should you change your bass strings?



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It really depends on how often you play and what kind of tone you want. If you want a nice, bright punchy sort of tone, you'll want to change your strings more often. If you want something more mellow, you'll change less often. Also it depends how often you play. If you play for 6 hours a day, you will more likely get more sweat and dirt in your strings as opposed to playing 1 hour a day. Of course, you can clean your strings instead (with methylated spirits or denatured alcohol) but eventually after a while the strings will lose their punch. Just going on what i do, i don't know if this is the best thing to do, but i usually get my strings changed every time i get my bass set up. so for me its every 3 months. it also depends on your strings. some are more durable than others