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You should take out your hamster everyday to show that you care for it. Take it out during the evening. That's when they are most active. They are also active in the early morning. Take it out for about 10-20 minutes. If you do this, the hamster will have a better and longer life.

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Q: How often should you take your hamster out of its cage to hold?
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How often should you take your baby hamster out of its cage to hold?

If your hamster is weaned, a lot. The more you hold your new pet, the better. This will get you aquainted with it and it with you. Make sure you feed it by hand when you hold it, this will form a bond between you.

Should you hold your hamster often?

You should hold your hamster every other day, for 20 min.

How big must a cage be to hold a Syrian hamster?

The minimum size cage to hold a Syrian hamster should be 24 inches, by 12 inches, and 12 inches high. A larger cage would be even better so that the hamster has plenty of room.

How do you interact with your hamster?

You should take your hamster out of its cage a few times a week, or even every day if you want to. You can put him/her in their hamster ball, a hamster playpen, or just hold them. There are a lot of ways to interact with your hamster.

When my hamster is squeaking in her cage what does that mean?

She is probably scared OR happy..! When you hold her, hold her not tight but not loose either.

Why should you hold your hamster?

You should hold your hamster regulary because then the hamster you may have will become used to you and also fond of you this will make the hamster more happy and it will also be more fun to your hamster.

When can you take the mommy hamster out of the cage after she has her babies?

Sorry, but I'm pretty sure you can't but after the mommy hamster dies, you can hold the babies!

How often should you hold your hamster?

As many times as you want, the more you handle them the less likely they are to bite.

How should I hold my hamster lol?

Do not hold them by their skin that seems like a scruff. It is okay but they do not like it. You should hold them in your hand right side up. They should be standing unless they choose not to.

Will you ever be able to hold your robodwarf hamster?

yes, if your hamster wont let just let it climb on the bars of the cage and cuff your hands under its bottom and bam

Can you hold dwarf hamsters when there pregnant?

No, you should never hold a pregnant hamster

Should you hold your hamster?

yes, this allows bonding.

How do you get a hamster out of it cage when you are going to play with it?

Depends what kind of cage it is, but grab it like a kitten or any little animal. Grab its back and a firm hold and behind its head.

What should you do with the hamster when changing the bedding?

You should put your hamster in a safe place, or have someone else hold it for you. If you have a hamster ball, let your hamster exercise in that while cleaning out it's bedding.

How do you train a hamster to come?

You should tame with her which means to make her trust you. To make your hamster become tame, you should visit them more then once a day. You should also take him/her out of their cage and hold your hamster to make them feel safe and secure by cupping them with your hands. The more you do this each day the more she will trust you! Sometimes when you tame with her all the time, someday they will come and greet you!

Do you have to hold a roborovski hamster?

yes, because when you put your hand in there cage they will start to bite so you should work with them at least every day for 30 minsIt will take a week or so for them to get use to you

Can you take your hamster on holiday?

Yes you can take your hamster on holiday with you.Buy a small pet travel carrier basket and place your hamster in there and hold it all the way.While your hamsters cage can be stack up with all your other luggage.

Where should you go to get a roboverski dwarf hamster?

i got mine at petsmart but if you want a hamster to hold i would recomend you should get a bigger one

How should you hold a hamster?

You should hold a hamster with both hands and close to your chest or to the ground. Do not let its feet hang through you fingers and absolutely do NOT drop it!! If it bites you put it down on the ground.

How soon after a mother hamster has babies can you hold her?

You should wait for a few days to hold her, then it is okay.

Is it bad to get water on your hamster?

Yes it is bad. If water gets onto your hamster the special oils and or chemicals on he/she will wash off and then the hamster will get sick. If you have spilled water on it then I suggest you see a vet ASAP if you want it to live! Side effects from water on a hamster are: odd or strange noises, coughing, sneezing. You should clean its cage, even if you just did, do it again. Cleaning the cage will out crease it getting more sick. When cleaning the cage, be sure to wear gloves of such sort to prevent the sickness spreading around. Give the hamster a lot of rest, and don't hold it or play with it, it will make it feel sick and get sicker. Hope This Helped!

Should you get a Syrian hamster?

yes if you want a nice one you can hold....

What are the essential things a hamster needs?

First of all, a hamster needs a cage to live in. Get one that is at least 1 foot long so the hamster has enough space to live in.Hamsters need forms of entertainment in which they can excersize in. Hamster wheels that can be placed inside the cage are great. Also, if you want to play with your hamster you can put it in a hamster ball and watch it run around.A hamster needs water. A water bottle that attatches to the cage where the hamster can easily access it is great, as long as it doesn't leak. The hamster's water bottle should be refilled daily, so he never runs out of water.Hamsters also need food. Food that is for sale at local petstores in bags are great. Also, hamsters like treats such as carrots every day.A hamster needs to have it's cage bedding changed every 1-2 weeks to make sure that the cage remains clean, healthy, and safe for the hamster.Hamsters need about 10-30 minutes of attention each day. A great way to do it is watch it run in it's hamster ball, or hold it in your hand and do the "neverending bridge," where the hamster keeps on running on alternating hands.

What hamster is the easiest to hold?

Any hamster is easy to hold but is depends on how you treat it but if you want to hold a hamster you need to check its water and food and of course the hamster SO ALWAYS REMEMBER TO TREAT YOUR HAMSTER WITH RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is a hamster crazy when you first bring it home?

You can say that but you should never hold a hamster on its first day home. It needs time to relax after a stressful ride home in a car and put in a strange cage. If it gets too stressed, it could get wet tail, a fatal disease caused by stress.

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