How often should you wash your hair?

Hair Care


It depends where you work. It's generally recommended people wash their hair every second day or you strip the oils out of your hair and scalp. Going two days without washing your hair (with the sprays, gels, etc., they have today) there is no way it can smell like yeast or anything else.


It is recommended no matter how gentle your shampoo is that every 2 - 3 days a woman should wash her hair so as not to strip the oils. If the hair is oily then it should be every day or every second day. Here is a tip to get the hair squeaky clean and also helps doing this method before getting your hair colored or streaked:

Short hair ...... 1/2 cup of baking soda with teaspoon of lemon, then mix into a creamy like paste, then wet hair and apply (wrapping a towel around your head after application) and leave on for 15 minutes. Add your favorite shampoo and wash, then rinse well. If you don't have lemon handy don't worry.

Long hair ....... use 1 full cup of baking soda with two teaspoons of lemon, then mix into a creamy like paste and follow the above directions.

Men should use this method as well especially if they work in a dirty environment where there is lots of dust. The baking soda helps to take away the dust, gels, hair sprays, etc., leaving the scalp refreshed and pores clean.