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This can be a difficult question to answer because I don't know which zone you are in. I am experimenting with upside down tomatoes this year (2007) and I am in zone 7. We have had little rain this year ( i don't think rain matters though because there is such a small area in the top of the bucket, just like most container gardening you need to water every day) My tomatoes are in 5 gallon paint buckets. I have wave petunias growing in the top. I use a tsp of miracle grow to a gallon of water for each bucket (1 plant tomato plant per bucket) I water each bucket everyday with a 1 gallon solution. Some days I'm lazy and don't add the fertilizer, but the plants never let me get lazy because if they need water they will let me know. Usually by 11:00 am or so when the sun begins to get hot. I have had nice juicy tomatoes since around the 4th of July. I'm growing Better Boys, Lemon Boys and romas. I love growing my tomatoes this way. If you would like more info and pictures you may email me at and I will send more info to you.

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Q: How often should you water your upside down tomato plant?
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How often should you water a tomato plant?

once a month

Can you put a big tomato in an upside down planter?

A large tomato plant can hang upside-down from a planter if the root ball fits through the hole in the bottom of the planter. im sure you can, but im not sure how good it will do if you put a tomato in an upside down planter. your best bet is to put a tomato plant in the planter, not a tomato Ya, but you will squish it.

Can you grow a plant upside down?

actually you can. theres a new product that has come out called the topsy turvey. it grows your tomato plant upside down.

How do you define a tomato?

It is an edible, often red fruit of the plant Solanum Lycoperiscum commonly known as a tomato plant

Does growing a tomato plant upside down better thab growing them regularly?

Learn to formulate a meaningful question.

What part of a plant is a tomato?

A tomato is the developed ovary of the tomato plant flower. The plant is called a tomato plant and the fruit is the tomato you buy in the fruit shop.

How tall should tomato plant stakes be?


How often do you water tomato plants?

Tomato plants that are planted in the garden should have a minimum of 1" of water per week. If the plant is growing in a container it should have at least 1 gallon of water per day.

Should you pluck yellow flowers on tomato plant?

No you shouldn,t. That flower is what starts the tomato.

Should you plant chili pepper plant next to your tomato plant?

I have sucessfully grown the chilli pepper and tomato plants side by side for many years.

What is Function of tomato to the plant?

The tomato is the fruit of the tomato plant and carries to seed.

What type of plant is a cherry tomato?

It is a type of tomato plant.

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