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How old are Camry cars?


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The company started in 1982, as I've read.

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Camry cars are considered to be safe and reliable. A con in regards to Camry cars is the price. Camry cars are made from Toyota, a Japanese brand. They are popular cars.

there is no steal frame- its called a sub frame its not like the old cars or trucks

Yes. If the engine size is the same in both of the cars, then they will have the same starter.

There have been no safety recalls on the Toyota Camry. It was rated above "Better than Most" by J.D. Power and Associates, a firm which tests the safety and reliability of cars.

The ES model is most like the Toyota Camry. Both cars are built on the same chassis.

You can find a Camry 2008 when you go to a shop that sells used cars. You can also go to the site of edmunds and this site has a 2008 Toyota Camry for only $10435.

well i think that Toyota is one of the best makes for used cars specially Camry and corolla

Chevy, Camry, Corrola, Chrysler, Corvette

Honda Accord Toyota Camry Honda Civic

The company which released the car called Camry SE is Toyota. The Camry SE is a mid-size four door sedan and the Camry line has been one of Toyota's most successful cars.

You should be able to because they are basically same cars (on mechanical level).

The Toyota Camry is, year after year, one of the highest performing cars in terms of safety.

Toyota does manufacture convertible cars. The Camry Solara & MR2 Spyder models are examples of convertible cars manufactured by Toyota.

Sales on a Toyota Camry can be found on websites such as Cars for Sale or Car Sales. You might want to call your local Toyota dealer or pop into their store and ask if Toyota Camry is on offer.

Toyota Camry, Ford Taurus, Honda Accord, Chevrolet Impala, are a few popular cars in the 90s.

Both cars should have same kind of engine: either 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder.

2013 Sprint Cup Series cars:Chevrolet SSFord FusionToyota Camry

There are multiple retailers online that offer Toyota products; including new or used Camry models. A few places that offer the Toyota Camry are CarMax, Autobytel,, and Ebay motors.

According to US news the Toyota Camry Hybrid is ranked #2 in affordable mid sized cars. A new Toyota Camry Hybrid will cost around $26,000 depending on different features selected.

A Toyota Camry built in 1998 takes DOT 3 brake fluid. This is the standard brake fluid for passenger cars.

The starter in my 99 Camry went out after 10 years 185,000 km.

New Cars are invented in a better technical way. Better look. and even more secure than old cars. Old cars have the bases of new cars, which means old cars were made and brought an idea to others then inventors made a better solution from an old car to an new better one. :)

You can search for a 1998 Toyota Camry for sale on CarsForSale. You can find cheap and used cars on there for a very low price to meet your standards.

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