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How old are Guinea Pigs when you start feeling babies moving around?

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What stage in pregnancy for guinea pigs can you see the babies moving around?

At around 42 days into the pregnancy

I have just found out that one of my guinea pigs is pregnant we thought she was just fat but last night we saw the babies moving around in her belly.but not sure how far gone she is.?

Once you can see movement of the babies, there isn't much waiting left. It is hard to know when a guinea pig is pregnant. It only takes about 2 months gestation.

How do you confirm guinea pig pregnancy?

you can confirm that the guinea pig is pregnate by after four to five weeks she will become more plump and more rounder aroun the belly area,she will get heavier, and if you put her on your lap you can feel the babies moving around in her i know this because my mom is a vet

Your guinea pig was bought pregnant and you can see the babies moving moving round and kicking how long has she got till labor kicks in. we were told shes around 8or9 wks?

if you can see the babies moving and kicking inside her, it will be less than a week before she gives birth. guinea pigs can become pregnant from as early as 4 weeks old, however it is rare and the gestation period is just under two months, your sow must me much older than what you were told when she was bought.

How soon is it until you know when your guinea pig is pregnant?

You will not be able to tell, until the mother starts to get a pear-shaped figure. Then you can even feel the babies moving around inside at times if you're lucky enough!

After a miscarriage is it possible to still feel a baby moving?

I think it is all in the mind. After i had both my children i still had the feeling of a baby moving around. I think your body and mind both get used to the feeling.

What signs are there of guinea pig pregnancy?

She will feel more tense especially around her lower stomach where her babies will be at. She'll slowly get to be very heavy. You will see lumps, and towards the end of the pregnancy you can see the lumps moving. Other Tips: Guinea pig delivery requires very little assistance. Actually almost nothing, except to make sure the nose of the babies are not blocked and that they are breathing okay. The babies eyes open and they try to walk within seconds.

What does it mean when your new guinea pigs aren't moving around?

It means they are not well so you should take them to the vets

How do you tell how far along a pregnant guinea pig is?

During the last 2-3 weeks she will become "plump" and you may be able to see/feel the babies moving. Be careful with her.

Why do you feel dizzy when you turn 7 times?

When you whirl around, the fluid in your ears starts moving around. When you stop suddenly, the fluid keeps sloshing around for a bit. This makes you feel as if you are still moving even though you are not. This creates the dizzy feeling.

What city was bob hope moving to?

new guinea

Why is your dog not moving around a lot?

If your dog is not moving around a lot, it may be feeling poorly. Watch the dog for signs that it is sick. The dog may also just be tired. Or it may be feeling stressed. As dogs get older they do spend a lot of time resting and sleeping, so it may just being relaxing.

My dog is pregnant and it keeps sticking her butt in the air what does this mean .?

her babies are probably moving around in her belly, thus, making her uncomfortable

What happens when a guinea pig is not moving much?

then its probobly dead.

What to do when your guinea pig is barely moving?

put it out of it's misery

What age do guinea pigs start moving at?

Straight away

Would babies be moving if it is twins at nine weeks?


If you are moving should you buy your guinea-pigs before or after you move?


Why is your guinea pig not moving?

Dead? Asleep? Tired? Ill? Lazy?

Do guinea pigs like moving?

Yes. They do but only for a limited time. Most Guinea Pigs can ride in a car for 4 hours. Guinea pigs do not like plane rides AT ALL! You shouldn't take them on trains, subways, and especially motorbikes. Also don't take your piggie out in a moving car. My guinea pig is about 4 months old and she loves slow car rides.

What should you do if your mouse just had babies?

You should not disturb the mouse at all. Leave her with her babies and let them bond and get used to each other. After three days, you can then look and pick up the baby mice, but remove the mother mouse from her cage, or she'll start moving the babies around.

When babies get there teeth after there born is called what?

banana moving in the moonlight!!

What happens if a hamster that is going to have babies is not moving?

It's dead

Why is my guinea pig's stomach beating?

Its probably your Guinea Pig breathing, if your refering the word beating to moving up and down. I wouldn't worry.

What are the stages of a dying guinea pig?

It will be alivethen it will be deadit will be cold, not moving and not breathing

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