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Tom Hanks has 4 children, 2 with Samantha Lewes and 2 with Rita Wilson:

Colin Hanks was born November 24, 1977.

Elizabeth Hanks was born May 17, 1982.

Chester (Chet) Hanks was born August 4, 1990.

Truman Hanks was born December 26, 1995.

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Does Tom Hanks have children?

Tom Hanks has 4 children. He had 2 children with his first wife, Samantha Lewes, and has 2 children with his current wife, Rita Wilson.

How many of Tom Hanks children act?

Just his son, Colin Hanks

How old is Tom Hanks?

US actor Tom Hanks is 61 years old (birthdate: July 9, 1956).

How old are Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's children?

Hanks' four children are: Colin (born 1977), Elizabeth (born 1982), Chet (born 1990) and Truman (born 1995).

How many children does Tom Hanks have?

Tom Hanks has 4 Children(2 from his first marriage to Samantha Lewes and another 2 with his now wife, Rita Wilson).Colin HanksElizabeth Ann HanksChet HanksTruman Theodore Hanks

Is tom hanks Sean Murray father?

Tom has four children: Colin Hanks (actor); EA Hanks (writer), Chester Hanks (aka Chet Haze, singer and actor); Truman Hanks (student).

How old is Colin Hanks?

US actor Colin Hanks is 40 years old (birthdate: November 24, 1977). He is the son of actor Tom Hanks.

Is Jim hanks related to Tom Hanks?

yes, Jim Hanks is Tom Hanks' younger brother.

Is Tom Hanks bald?

No, Tom Hanks is not bald.

How old was Tom Hanks when did the movie splash?

I believe Tom Hanks was 28 when he did this movie :) he was born on July 9th 1956 and the movie was out 1984.

How old was Tom Hanks in 1984?

Tom was born 9 July 1956. Do the math ...

What are the names of Tom Hanks children?

Colin, Elizabeth, Chester ("Chet") and Truman.

Does Tom Hanks have grandchildren?

Tom Hanks has four children. His eldest, Colin, was born in 1977 and is an actor. He has given Hanks two granddaughters recently:Wife: Samatha Bryantdaughter: Olivia Jane Hanks (February 01, 2011)daughter: Charlotte Bryant Hanks (July 02, 2013)

Who is Cullen Hanks?

Cullen hanks is tom hanks son.

Who is richer Will Smith or tom hanks?

Tom Hanks is richer!Will Smith Net Worth -$200 MillionTom Hanks -$350 Million

What are the ages of actor Tom Hanks children?

Hanks' four children are: Colin (born 1977), Elizabeth (born 1982), Chet (born 1990) and Truman (born 1995).

Are all of Tom Hanks children actors?

Of Hanks' four children, only eldest son Colin Hanks has followed in his father's footsteps fulltime. Daugther Elizabeth and middle son Chet have made minor appearances in movies.

When was Tom Hanks born?

Tom Hanks was born on July 9, 1956.

What movie was Tom Hanks in the FBI?

Catch Me If You Can. Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio

What was Tom Hanks' hometown?

Tom Hanks was born in Concord, Califronia.

Is Tom Hanks' children in show business?

Tom Hanks has 4 children. Only the eldest has gone into acting.Colin (1977) is an accomplished actor and can be seen occasionally on TV.Elizabeth (1982)Chet (1990)Truman (1995)

Is Tom Hanks older than Tom Cruise?

Yeah, Tom Hanks is 6 years older, though Tom Cruise looks like 10 years younger than Tom Hanks!

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