How old are puppies when they can eat solid food?

Age Of Eating Solid Food

Usually around 8 to 12 weeks, or after they're weaned. Always start out with a good brand of puppy chow because that's when they need their nutrition the most for their critical development stages.
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  • I must disagree with the above answer. In raising the Great Pyrenees pups which are very fast growing puppies I started them on mushy, milk-canned dogfood mixture the day they opened their eyes which is usually 10 days. Doing this by 14 days I had them eating slightly moistened dry dogfood and by three weeks they were completely eating the dry food I left available for momma dog.
  • I do agree with the good dog food mentioned above. To find a good dogfood read the list of ingredients on the bag and if there is "wheat middlings, beet pulp, rice hulls, or corn husks" listed in the first 5 ingredients that will be 90 % of what is in that bag and it is of no food value only a filler to make the dog feel full and does nothing but make a lot of poop to clean up. Find one that has meat of some kind, beef, chicken or lamb in the 1st ingredient and then meat by products 2nd, a grain, corn, soybean 3rd, vegies of some kind brewers rice - topheracals. If there is no mention of the fillers listed above it will be a pretty good food. Working dogs or growing puppies need more fat in the food than adult dogs or couch potatos so look at that as well. Dry dogfood is usually much better than canned although I put a tablespoon of canned on my dogs just for better flavor. i say start them at 4 weeks with mushy dog food or canned food