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Well, they can drive, have a house, money and 18 or older.


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There many different artists who drew the many characters from Looney Tunes . ~ You can look to the related link below for additional information regarding Looney Tunes .

No . Chopper is not among the characters in either the Looney Tunes or Merrie Melodies cartoons .

No , the cartoon characters are fictional creations .

no theyre not, Looney Tunes belong to Warner Bros.

Looney Tunes , 1930-1969 , have been around approximately 81 years .

They are back on TV now in the old cartoons and The Looney Tunes Show.

There are no looney tunes characters on SSBB.

The boy is "Buster" and the girl is "Babs"

Looney Tunes lothario is PEPELEPEW.

Looney Tunes began in 1930 .

Its a show about the looney tunes characters aimed at a new generation of kids its fun and interesting takes place in sitcom form but is pretty good IMO.

Mel Blanc provided most , but not all , of the distinctive voices for the characters found in the Looney Tunes' cartoons . ~ You can look to the related link below for characters voiced by the late Mel Blanc .

Creator of Looney Tunes was Hugh Harman.

The duration of Looney Tunes is 600.0 seconds.

Sylvester is 23 years old.

I don't know about other Disney characters, but the movie Space Jam has Michael Jordan and many Looney Tunes characters. It has a basketball match in it with aliens versus Looney tunes characters . Hope this helps :)

Daffy Duck's in looney tunes! and in the looney tunes show!

The cats name on looney tunes is sylvester

Looney Tunes Adventures was created in 2000.

Looney Tunes Adventures ended in 2005.

Looney Tunes Carousel was created in 2007.

Looney Tunes Village was created in 1997.

Looney Tunes Village ended in 2007.

Looney Tunes Racing happened in 2000.

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