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Mindless Behavior (band)

How old are the Members of Mindless Behavior?

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May 03, 2017 3:59AM

The group itself was formed in 2008, with the four original members:
Ray-Ray (Rayan Lopez) was born January 6, 1996.
Princeton (Jacob Perez) was born April 21, 1996.
Roc Royal (Chresanto August) was born July 23, 1997.
Prodigy (Craig Crippen Jr) was born December 26, 1996.

Prodigy left the group in November, 2013. Roc Royal was arrested and fired from the group in 2014. (As of mid-2016, he was in jail.) Ray Ray left the group in September, 2015.

The group in 2017 was composed of Princeton, Elijah "EJ" Johnson, and "Mike River."
Michael Martin (Mike River) was born May 13, 1998.
Elijah Johnson (EJ) was born June 24, 1998.