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She attended school until the age of 16.

Actually, Bethany Hamillton never attended high school. She was home schooled after finishing elementary school.

Julia Child attended Le Cordon Blue cooking school at age 37.

Betsy Ross was 6 when she first attended school

Helen was ten years old when she came to Perkins school. she was twenty years old when she left

There is no upper limit. I attended with a lady in her 70's.

The character of Annie in the production 'Annie' is 11 years old.

she was somewhere in middle school I can tell ya that. she attended heritage middle school. :)

Harry S. Truman did not start attending school until he was eight years old. He attended Independence High School but never attended college.

She's a senior in high school so 17-18.

Batista attended Wakefield High School.

she atendid school at 6 becase her mum was to busy she cud not take her to school untill she was 6

He attended school sporadically until he was 15 years old. In his lifetime he attended three formal schools.

He dropped out of school when he was 16 years old. He also never attended collage.

Jackie Chan was 6 years old when he first went to school.

James Buchanan attended Old Stone Academy

Anne Frank attended kindergarten at the Montessori School in 1934. Anne was five years old when she started kindergarten at Montessori.

Hirohito attended Gakoshuin (Peers school) until he was about 14 years old. He attended the Special Institute for the Crown Prince, until he was 21 years old.

She just graduated from high school. So she should be either 17 or 18. I go/went to school with her.

Annie MacManus (Annie Mac) is 38 years old (birthdate: July 18, 1978).

Rosa Parks attended a rural school in Pine Level, Alabama until she was eleven years old. She was then enrolled at the Montgomery Industrial School for Girls. Rosa Parks was born in 1913, and would have attended the school in the mid-1920s.

Annie Lennox (Annie Lennox Besser) is 63 years old. She was born on December 25, 1954.

Annie is 39 years old and she is still alive! she is a femmale

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