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they should be somehwhere between 6 months (or when the rabbit stops growing), but if you want to breed the rabbit fro meat and fur you can breed them earlier. Breeding to early will stunt growth.

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Q: How old do Silver Fox Rabbits have to be to be mature enough to breed?
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When do the French Lop rabbit mature?

All rabbits are mature enough to breed at around 4 months of age.

When is a rabbit an adult?

Rabbits mature at different ages, depending on the breed. A rabbit may be mature enough to breed (physically adult) as young as three weeks, or as late as 10 months. On average, the larger the breed, the longer they take to mature. Most breeds have reached their full adult size by the time they are 6-8 months old.

How much do rabbits have to weight to become pregnant?

Rabbits should be at least 6 months of age and reach mature weight before you breed them. Mature weight varies with the breed of rabbit you own. Go to to see what the mature weight of your breed of rabbit is. Have a crossbreed? An average weight is about 8 to 8 1/2#.

When is a rabbit full grown?

It depend entirely on the breed of rabbit. Usually rabbits are mature when they are 6-10 months old. But PLEASE don't breed them if your trying to do that. Please adopt a homeless pet!Rabbits are considered to be full grown when they reach mature weight for their particular breed or are at least 6 to 8 months old. Rabbits should not be bred until they do reach their full grown or mature weight.

How old do rabbits have to be to procreate?

Rabbits can breed at 3 months (not recommended) but should wait at least until 6 months and they reach their mature weight.

How old do rabbits have to be to breed?

They CAN breed at 4 to 5 months BUT it is not recommended. Rabbits should be at least 6 months of age and should have reached mature body weight before breeding. If you breed a buck too young you could stunt his growth (not good.)

What is the youngest age for a rabbit to get pregnant?

Rabbits CAN breed at 3 months but should not be bred until they are 6 months old or have reached mature weight for their breed.

How long is it until guppy babies are mature?

Well reared guppy fry can be mature enough to breed in 12 weeks.

I have a rabbit he is three years old is he considered as a mature rabbit?

Yes, rabbits become mature at 6 to 8 months of age, depending on the size of the breed. The American Rabbit Breeders Association website ( and the websites of the various breed clubs has more information about the lifespan, care and feeding of rabbits.

How often can you breed rabbits?

You can breed rabbits whenever you like.

Can rabbits breed with a mouse?

Rabbits cannot breed with a mouse .

Can rabbits breed without me breeding them?

All rabbits need to breed is that there are male rabbits and female rabbits together.

How old do rabbits have before they can breed?

3-4 months, some rabbit breeds mature faster than others though :)

How old do rabbits breed?

Rabbits can breed any where from five to six months of age.

When will a baby guppy mature?

guppy's are a great fish for strarter's and they have a good breeding rate around the 6,7 weeks i breed mine if u breed them erlier then that its possible and they do breed but they have a good chance of dieing as they are not mature enough so 6,7 weeks and should be right

What age can you put a male and female rabbit together?

Once the rabbits are spayed and neutered, they can be introduced and you can try to bond them; before that time, they must be kept apart or else they will mate. Rabbits mature as early as 3-4 months for small breeds, 4-6 months for large breeds, and some types are able to breed as early as 12 weeks -- so, once they've been weaned from the mother, does and bucks should be separated. Otherwise, if you are in fact trying to breed your rabbits, it's best to wait until they are at least six months old to make sure they are sexually mature enough to breed successfully and safely. Before breeding your rabbits, consider all the bunnies waiting in shelters to be adopted -- does the world really need more rabbits?

Can your 1 year old colt breed your mare?

Generally, a yearling colt is not mature enough or large enough to breed a mare. However, certain individuals can mature more rapidly than expected and while the newly turned 1 year old may not breed a mare he may certainly do so at 16-18 months.

Can domestic rabbits breed with wild rabbits?

No because there are no such things as wild rabbits. They are called Hare's and they can't breed either because they are 2 entiraly diffrenet species. Cottontails ARE rabbits and yes, they can cross breed if they get together.

What would you do if your neighbor had a cockerel?

Get some young hens then borrow the cockerel, when it's mature enough, to breed to my hens.

What age can rabbits breed?

Rabbits can breed as early as just a few months of age. 3 for males and 4-5 months for females. Although if you are breeding them intentionally you should wait until the female is at least one year of age. Rabbits can breed as young as 12 weeks however this is really not good for them. If you absolutely have to breed your rabbit it is best to wait until they have reached at least 1 year old first for females. Males become sexually mature much sooner and are able to breed at 12 weeks with no problems. Waiting to breed your does until they are a year old means you are risking them becoming too fat to conceive, storing fat around the fallopian tubes. Breeding your bucks at 12 weeks will stunt their growth. You should wait until your rabbits are at least 6 months old or have reached mature weight for their breed.

How do ypu breed rabbits?

yes Meany people do. If your in 4-H and show rabbits then you usually breed them to.

Can rats and rabbits breed?

Can human and dogs breed? if not then no

When can baby rabbits impregnate the mother?

Dwarf and small breeds can become sexually mature as early as 4 months. Larger breeds take 6-8 months to become sexually mature. Once a buck has become sexually mature, and if he is not separated from his mother, he will breed her.

Do domestic rabbits breed with wild rabbits?

pigeon meat

What is the good for spaying rabbits?

Spaying/neutering rabbits help rabbits not to breed. Also, if they don't breed they will live longer and become more territorial. Spayed/nuetered rabbits will be happier living with rabbits they dislike.