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Q: How old do echinoderms get?
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Is a butterfly a echinoderm?

Yes, butterflies and echinoderms.

Are echinoderms unicellular?

No Echinoderms are Multicellular.

How do you know if echinoderms are autotrophic?

Are echinoderms autotrophic

Do echinoderms hibernate or migrate?

Echinoderms migrate

What kingdom are echinoderms in?

Echinoderms are in the Animalia kingdom.

What echinoderms habitats?

The echinoderms habitat is in the Ocean

Ecological relationship of echinoderms to other organisms?


What are five things echinoderms have in common?

They are all echinoderms.

What phylum is an echinoderm in?

Echinoderms are the phylum. The phylum is Echinodermata Echinoderms are the phylum. The phylum is Echinodermata Echinoderms are the phylum. The phylum is Echinodermata

Do echinoderms live in freshwater?

No, no Echinoderms live in freshwater (or on land).

Do all echinoderms have endoskeletons?

Yes, all echinoderms have endoskeletons.

Do Echinoderms have backbone?

No not all Echinoderms have backbones like the starfish

Echinoderms are parasitic or not?

As of yet, there is no known species of parasitic echinoderms.

Do echinoderms have a digestive system?

yes, echinoderms have a digestive system.

What phylum do echinoderms belong to?

Echinoderms belong to the phylum Echinodermata.

Are hermit crab echinoderms?

yes all crabs are echinoderms

Do echinoderms have swim bladders?

Echinoderms have no swim bladders.

Do echinoderms reproduce sexually?

Echinoderms reproduce sexually and asexually.

Are echinoderms the most primitive form of invertebrates?

No. There are simpler invertebrates than echinoderms.

What part of the ocean do echinoderms live?

Echinoderms are marine animals, which means they reside in the ocean. Echinoderms are found from the intertidal zone to the abyssal zone.

Do echinoderms live on land?

No, all echinoderms are marine animals. Echinoderms live on the sea floor in all parts of the sea floor in the world.

What are echinoderms?

Echinoderms are sea animals that live in salt water. There are five kind of Echinoderms, sea stars, brittle stars, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and sand dollars. Echinoderms all are invertebrates and have internal skeletons.

What evolved first cnidarians or echinoderms?

I believe Echinoderms evolved first.

How do echinoderms raise their young?

Echinoderms are born as zooplankton. There is no parental care.

In what environment do all echinoderms live?

Echinoderms live only in the sea.