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Average lifespan of a Starfish in the wild is up to 35 years

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How old can starfish be?

Starfish can be about 35 years old

How old does a starfish get?

35 years

How old is the oldest starfish?

Starfish have been known to live up to thirty five years. There is no known record breaking age of a starfish.

Why are starfish named starfish?

Well a starfish is called a starfish because,it is shaped like a star. (answer found by 10 year old Katie Shymonowicz( Shy-mon-o-witz)Katie is right, but I must add that a starfish is no longer called a starfish. It is now called a "sea star." Starfish was a misnomer as it wasn't a fish. But they get the name sea star because they live in the ocean and they are shaped like a star. (answer found by 11 year old Megan Varney)

Punctuation By the pilings of the old pier I found four starfish a clam and a sea anemone?

by the pilings of the old pier, I found four starfish, a clam and a sea anemone.

How old can a starfish get?

Depending upon the species, starfish can live between 10 to 34 years of age. Assuming they are not prematurely ended.

What types of different starfish are there What is the scientific name for a starfish?

Starfish Starfish

What does the old lady call Gary from spongbob when he runs away?

a starfish

What is starfish skin like?

does starfish have limbs? what is starfish skin like? does starfish have limbs? what is starfish skin like?

What is the life cycle of a starfish?

Starfish can live to be up to 20 years old. Some species are capable of sexual reproduction, and others can reproduce asexually.

What types of starfish are there in New Zealand?

there are cusion starfish, reef starfish, spiny starfish and fire brick starfish in new zealand.

Do starfish have offspring?

Starfish do indeed have offspring. If starfish did not have offspring there would be no living starfish in the world.

How long do starfish live for?

The larger ones up to thirty years old

What sre facts about starfish?

they dont age very fast the can get pretty old!

What are beaded starfish?

Beaded starfish are a type of starfish. To identify a beaded starfish, look for a yellow in color starfish with fat, spiny looking arms.

Can starfish live forever?

Well, just today I saw a video in AP Bio that said yes, starfish can potentially live forever, that they "never grow old."

Is starfish an insect?

A starfish is not.

How do starfish talk?

Starfish talk by sending out signals to other starfish.

Why does a starfish grow into a new starfish?

if a starfish loses a limb,it will grow back,and the limb will form into a new starfish.

Do starfish have spines?

Some starfish do have spines for example the 'Crown of Thorns' starfish does. However other starfish do not have spines.

Who is bigger a male starfish or female starfish?

The male starfish is the larger starfish because the female gives the male the starfish eggs and he keeps them until they hatch.

Is a starfish an animal plankton?

Sure, starfish larvae are planktonic. Adult starfish are not.

How can a starfish die on it's own?

It gets really old and then a shark or fish will eat?????????

Why is it hard to kill a starfish?

Because they can regenerate their rays when old ones have broken off. :I

Are starfish protostomes?

No. Starfish are deuterostomes.

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