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How old do you half to bee to ride a motorcycel around the streets and what size?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-21 17:50:54

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Based on your spelling ability, you are not old enough. Stay off the road so you don't kill somebody.

2006-07-21 17:50:54
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Can you ride a horses in the streets of new york city?

It would not be very safe to ride horses in the streets. You are allowed to ride in Central park though.

Can you be ten to ride ATV on the road?

yes you can ride a ATV but it is illegal to ride it in the streets.

Is it illegal to ride a goped on the streets?


What is the fine for not wearing your helmet in California?

Ride Around the streets of Cali without a helmet and the police would love to tell you.

Can you ride ATV's on city streets?

No, it is not street legal.

What age do you have to be to ride a mini bike on the streets?


Can you ride a go kart on sides streets?

No, you cannot.

Is it legal to ride dirt bikes in the ditch?

Yes, as long as you do not ride out of the ditch onto the streets.

How old do you have to be to ride a mini chopper in neighborhood streets?


What age do you need to be to ride a pocket mod?

You should be 16 to ride in streets or pretty much any age to ride on your own property.

Are pocket bikes illegal to ride on public streets in Washington state?


If you have a suspended license for DUI can you ride a dirt bike?

if you mean on the streets then no. you cant

What should a bmx bike have?

Well, if you ever intend to ride it on the streets, it should have brakes.

How do you ride backwards on a bmx bike?

To revert or ride backwards you need to pedal backwards with the chain and the speed of the wheel and then when you get to the right time you can twist around either doing a bronco or fakie or a wheelie around commonly known as a half cab.

What is the best way to hatch Pokemon eggs?

Ride your bike around while having a Pokemon with the ability "flame body" on your team. Now you only have to walk (or ride) half as many steps

Who sings the song I still ride the streets all night and day?

"i run" by slim thug

Is it illegal to ride an ATV on the streets of AZ without a licence?

you may if you go the speed limit.

In you were in ancient Greece what kind of animal would you ride down the streets of old Athens?

A mule.

Is it legal to ride a 49cc pocket bike on the streets wo a licence?

yes but not on main roads

Is it legal to ride mini bikes in neighborhood streets?

It can be, it mostly depends on the area and street laws!

Is the x18 super pocket bike legal in New York?

It if you dont get caught so you can ride it on at a track desert or your back yard but is illegal to ride on streets

Do you need a license for a 47cc mini pocket bike in Texas?

no you dont but you cant ride them on the streets or sidewalks its illegal but its legal to ride them in parking lots and backyards

When is a bicyclist allowed to ride?

strange question - a bicyclist is allowed to ride at any time, but if riding on the streets after sundown lights and reflectors on the bike are usually requred by the law.

Is it legal to ride a motor scooter on the streets in new jersey?

no but it is leagle to drive an electric scotter but not motor

Is it against the law to ride a bike while drunk?

On the streets and in traffic - yes. In your own back yard - no.