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How old do you have to be in Tennessee to get emancipated?


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how can i get emancipated?


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Tennessee does not have an emancipation statute.

Sorry, no such status in the State of Tennessee.

Yes, Tennessee has an emancipation statute. They have to present the court with the appropriate documentation and references.

In order to get emancipated you have to live in a state that has an emancipation law. Tennessee does not have one.

No they cannot be emancipated. Tennessee does not have an emancipation statute. If there are safety issues, contact the social services department. They will make sure the minor has a safe place to live.

There is no emancipation statute in Tennessee, which means they don't recognize it as something that needs to be done.

The 16yo is. When she got married she became emancipated. Her parents are no longer responsible for her.

Tennessee Sorry, there is no emancipation status in this state.

Only with parental consent or emancipation. You cannot own property, unless you are emancipated.

No a 15 year old can not be emancipated in Iowa. A child must be 16 years old in order to be emancipated in Iowa.

Zero percent. Tennessee does not have an emancipation statute, making it virtually impossible to get emancipated.

A 21 year old is emancipated. In the USA, a normal 18 year old is legally considered an adult and thereby emancipated.

A 15 year old cannot become emancipated. In Canada you have to be at least 16 before you can be emancipated.

No, having a baby does not emancipate you. You have to be 18 or married.

Not without it being considered running away you would have to get emancipated or talk to an adult about why you want to move out if serious things are involved.The age for being considered an adult in Tennessee is 18.

{| |- | You cannot be an emancipated minor in Tennessee. They do not have an emancipation statute. You will have to wait until you are 18 years of age. |}

I live in Smyrna, TN. Parents can legally bind you to their rules until you are 18 years old. * A minor who is pregnant or has a child is not considered automatically emancipated in the State of Tennessee. As stated previously the legal age of majority is applicable and that age is 18.

Being pregnant does not make them an adult. Until they are 18 years of age the parents determine where you live.

If you live in the US, an 18-year-old is a legal adult and therefore does not need to be emancipated.

According to Kansas state law. You must be 18 years old to be emancipated.

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