How old do you have to be in order to volunteer at a pet store or shelter?

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you can ether get in or help by being 16 or if your younger and the owner is nice you can be a little younger
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Can 12 year olds volunteer at animal shelters?

12-year-olds can sometimes volunteer . Depending on what animal shelter you want to volunteer at depends if they allow 12-year old volunteers. Most animal shelters will allow only 16 year olds and older because of insurance and health reasons. However, the youngest age I've seen be able to volunt ( Full Answer )

Can an eleven year old volunteer at an animal shelter?

Yes they can, but not like the Humane Society. Find a different kind of animal shelter, and search online, for animal shelters. But, yes, an eleven year old can volunteer at an animal shelter. You will find one eventually.. Maybe. Most places have specific rules about working with animals, often co ( Full Answer )

Can 13 year olds volunteer at animal shelters?

In some of them, you can. But not like the Humane Society though. You have to be eighteen to volunteer there. But if you find just some plain old animal shelter, I am very sure you can volunteer there. Hope This Helps!!! :). Also if a animal shelter has a cat room kids can volunteer there if there ( Full Answer )

Where can a 13 year old volunteer at a animal shelters in Miami?

Well First you have to go to the animal shelter ask them about applying your daughter or son for animal shelter job and then see what they say but if they say no they cant apply you should understand. because some young under 14 dont need a job because their parents provide them but try this

Can twelve year olds volunteer at the hayward animal shelter?

"irrelevant. sorry that's not helpful" ^-----Dont be a jerk. Im sorry kid, but i'd have to agree with the jerk, in the time you turned on your computer, opened the internet, go to wikianswers, log in, ask the question, and wait for an responce, you could have already opened a phone book and calle ( Full Answer )

What do 13 year olds do if they volunteer at a local animal shelter?

usually a volunteer will be asked to clean out kennels, orcattery's sometimes prepare food for the animals. Mainly tasks that don't need expertise. If any chores needing to be done need expertise, the volunteer will usually watch, or be taught prior to the chore being undertaken (example:a dog being ( Full Answer )

Where can you find a animal shelter that a 14year old can volunteer at?

there are many local animal centers where you can voluenteer at. try looking up some humane societies or shelters near you. I have a younger sister who is 13, and she vollenteers at one right now. once you find one, you will most likely have to take a few classes before you can actually get started

Can you be 11 years old in order to work in a pet store?

No you cant be eleven and work in a pet store.They sent me away (im twelve) but the lady in the flower shop said she would pay me and i could help in the back but its not a full time thing and i only got 30$ but it could happen. Try little buisness work your way up!=]

In Australia cana 13 year old volunteer in animal shelters?

From my mum, we are from New Zealand and she has lived in Aussie for along time so from her thought she said, that 14 or 13 you probaly can volunteer by cleaning cages, washing animals and everything. Im 10 and I would love to work at a animal shelter etc Sorry If this answer is bad but that's ( Full Answer )

Can an ten year old volunteer at an animal shelter?

Usually to volunteer in an 'interactive' environment, you need to be sixteen years of age. You can check with your local employment office to get the particulars for your state.

Can you help volunteer at an animal shelter if you are 11 years old?

As part of a local volunteer group, probably yes. (In America) Why not go to or call your local animal shelter to verify? sorry but in most states u need to be 16 or older to do any volunteer work Well then I guess the laws have changed: when I was 11 years old, I was in Boy Scouts of America & th ( Full Answer )

Can a 9 year old volunteer at animal shelters?

In may places you can only be a volunteer at an animal shelter if you are over the age of 18, but sometimes they let you if you're over 13. Look on an animal shelter's website and find out, or call and ask.

Where can a twelve year old volunteer at an animal shelter?

Rags Rabbit and Guinea Pig centre need lots of help with their small wildlife, as well as rabbits and guinea pigs. The centre is placed in Keresley, in Coventry. You would have to log onto their site and give them a call to tell them you will be over. You can stay as long as you want to: you get to ( Full Answer )

What animal shelters can ten year old kids volunteer at?

A ten year old can volunteer at places like the RSPCA, but you must be around 15 before you can volenteer alone. A ten year old must be supervised by an adult or a responsible Orrin over thee age of 16... So a ten year old can volenteer at the RSPCA but just not by themselves.

When can a 13 year old volunteer at a animal shelters?

Most animal shelters require volunteers to be 15 years or older. There are liability issues, trust issues, etc. If you want to help now, donate food and blankets, but be sure to check the ASPCA or similar websites to know what can and can not be donated. Certain ingredients are banned from shelter ( Full Answer )

Where can a 9 year old volunteer in a animal shelter in houston?

Well, most shelters require you to be 16 years of age to volunteer. I am a couple of years older, and have tried to volunteer, but have been told that I was to young. But, all the shelters have told me, if my mum or dad worked with me, i would be allowed. HOPE THIS HELPED!

Where can a thirteen year old volunteer at an animal shelter in Arizona?

I suspect they can't. Call your local animal shelter and ask if you want to be sure, though. I've looked at everything under the sun in AZ that has to do with animals and have had no luck. If your looking for something like feeding and handling animals I'm pretty sure your outta luck.

Should pets be adopted from a pet store a shelter?

Definately you should adopt from a shelter. There are so manyanimals dying in shelters because people buy from breeders. Mostpet stores get there dogs from "puppy mills" which are horrificmass breeding facilities.