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I live in CA, so laws might be different, but here, you can go to plan parenthood and do ANYTHING; BC, abortion, morning after pill, condoms, ect. without your parents finding out. I would think it would be the same in Texas. It is most definitly worth a try though, the worst that could happen is they tell you no. But they wont rat you out to your parents.

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โˆ™ 2007-10-09 19:02:59
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Q: How old do you have to be in the state of Texas to go to plan parenthood and get birth control without a parent?
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Can a teenager get birth control without a parent consent in the state of Texas?

yes they can anywhere

Can you marry at 17yrs without parent consent in Texas?


Can a pregnant minor in Texas 17yo get married without her parent's consent?

Not without parental permission. Until she becomes an adult or gets a court order, the parents control it.

Can one parent take a child out of the state of Texas without the consent of the other parent?


Can 17 year old teenagers marry in Texas?

You have to be 18 to get married without Parent Consent and 14 with Parent Consent in Texas.

Where are Planned Parenthood locations in Texas?

There are Planned Parenthood locations all over Texas. There are 20 Centers in the state of Texas. There are locations from Addison to Waco and many in between. To find the one nearest you - contact Planned Parenthood.

I need birth control. Where can I get it in Dallas, Texas?

You can make an appointment with Planned Parenthood. They can write a prescription for birth control pills. They also give away free condoms.

Can a parent leave the state of Texas without the written permission of the other parent?

Depends on the ruling during the divorce.

Can you take your daughter to Texas without getting in trouble with the police?

If you are the custodial parent you can.

Can a 17-year-old move out of the parent's house in Texas without their consent and what is the parent's responsibility?

In Texas, you can move out of your parent's house at the age of seventeen without being reported as a runaway. You do not have to have their consent, but it is still not legal. But you will not get any kind of punishment by law because of this.

Can a child get an immunization without the consent of parent in Texas?

Certain minors can get a vaccination without parental consent in Texas per a law passed in 2013. Only minors who are pregnant, or are a parent with custody of a child, can receive a vaccination without parental consent.

Where can a teen go in San Angelo Texas regarding a pregnancy without a parent present?

You don´t need a parent present but you do need one parents notice and consent. Read more about it in the link below. If someone do it without following this they break the law. if you don´t want to go through your parents you have to get a waiver at court. Contact Planned Parenthood in your area to find out more.

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