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I am a south African citizen who has been in the US twice on legal visas, as far as I know, british residents won't have a problem obtaining a visa, you have to be more specific about what kind of visa (work, student, seaman's, J-1 training programme, h-1 (residency). to get residency in the us is long and expensive process, you have to have an internationally recognized university degree and then lawyer's costs to obtain an H-1 visa (similar to a permanent work visa)runs around $5000-00, plus you cannot leave the country and come back in about 3-5 years until they issue this visa. If you are simply looking for a work visa, you have to have an American company (Golf clubs do this) sponsor your visa or you can work through an agency that places you in the US (I would advise against this however, as their charges leave youwith no money at the end of the week. As long as you have a us sponsor and you do not have a criminal record or aids and have not previously violated an US visa, you should just go to the American consulate and apply for H-2B visa. If you are in the F&B industry you can obtain an 18 month training programme visa (J-1) Or if you want to work on a cruise ship you can obtain a C-1D (seaman's) visa. Hope this helped

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