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The "traditional" age for students to attend an undergraduate program is 18, however there are students who attend earlier. And most institutions also have students who attend later. Universities and colleges usually do not have an age requirement but base entrance requirements on meeting preparation requirements. You would need to check the entrance requirements of the individual institution in which you are interested.

Many students start applying in their junior year of high school, after they get their SAT scores back. Some apply in their senior year. depending on what school you want to get into. if its a hard school to get into, you might think about applying early so you can find out if you need any extra courses or activities.

Highly gifted students can enter college very early; many attend as early as age 10. If you need to go to college this early, an SAT or ACT with scores better than average is extremely helpful. If you are very much younger than the average age you may have problems interacting with other undergraduates.

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Q: How old do you have to be to apply to a university college?
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