How old do you have to be to be a babysitter?

well... it really depends on how responsible you are, NOT how old you are.......but normally you should be a teenager.

well i know a girl that is 11 and responsible and people already asked her to babysit for them welll can she babysit at 11 in Canada ? and the corse is like 4 months until she actually turns 12 so could she ?

I think most people allow people at least 12 to baby-sit, but yes, it does depend on your responsibility.
You can be a mothers helper at 11 or 12. It depends on the children. I started babysitting at 11 with 3 kids. It all depends on responsibility. Young baby sitters get payed less. At 13 my auntie babysat an 8 year old so i think you should take some classes just to prove that you are trustworthy enough to look after other peoples offspring. Even your own brothers and sisters. You should make sure to keep the kids in you sight at all times and don't spend most of your time on the phone!! Hope this helped