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How old do you have to be to be a police detective?


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Federal guidelines prohibit anyone from purchasing a firearm until they are 21 yrs old. Once you pass the police academy, it is up to the department that you work for.. to promote you through the ranks. Some detectives worked for over 10 years as a patrolman. Some never reach the level of detective after 25 years.


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A police detective, yes. A private detective, maybe not.

To become a Canadian police detective you must be a Canadian citizen, at least 19 years old, with a valid driver's license, a high school diploma.

A police detective gets £70,000 per week

What tools or materials do you need to have when you are a police detective, when you are on the job?

within all types of police departments,a specialized detective unit conducts criminal investigations,police detective collect evidence,conduct interrogations and more to solve crime

no The above answer is not complete. In most police departments you do have to be a patrol officer prior to becoming a detective. Private detectives are not police officers.

Yes, all police detectives start out as officers. The detective position is a promotion that an officer works towards.

The daily schedule of a police detective may change daily. Police detectives may interview suspects and witnesses and collect evidence.

Once a Police Officer has been promoted to Detective, he or she may thereafter be promoted to Police Lieutenant. There would be only one promotion left after Police Lieutenant.

Chief, Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant II, Sergeant I, Detective III, Detective, II, Detective I, Senior Lead Police Officer, Lead Police Officer, Police Officer

Yes it was based on a Newark police detective by the name of David Toma

No potential police officers in Wichita,KS don't have to necessarily go through homicide detective school,the detective police officers are seperate and handle investigations.

In most metropolitan police departments, "Detective" is a rank synonymous with the word "Lieutenant". One works their way up, through practical experience, to Detective - Patrolman, Sargeant, Detective, is a typical progression.

To become a police detective, you have to first become a police officer. Requirements to become a police officer vary, and how you become a police officer varies depending on the state and the department. Most police departments require officers work at least 2 (usually more) years before being eligible to become a detective. Becoming a detective is usually a very competitive process. If you want to become a police detective, become the best police officer that you can. Maintain an excellent record and reputation.

you could write, when i get older i would like to be a detective or a police officer

To become a detective you have to first gom to law school then become a police and then when you get experienved alot u can become a detective

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To help the police in difficult cases.

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Ok i found it the average police detective will make from 62,000-89,000 per year placing them from $25-$29 per hour

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