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Having a child has nothing to do with it. Having a child does not make a person emancipated. You are still a minor until you turn 18. But Nevada does have laws that allow a minor to petition the court for a decree of early emancipation. You have to be at least 16 to file a petition, and you'll have to prove, among other things, that you are capable of financially providing for you and your child (and that means of support can not be public assistance). If it's granted (and it's not a quick and easy thing to get) then you'd be able to move out.

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Can you move out your house with out your parents permission when your 17?

A minor under the age of 18 cannot move out of the house with her parents' permission. The child may file for emancipation in order to be able to move out.

Is there any benefits when children are adopted?

There are many benefits for the child when he or she is adopted. When a child is given up for adoption it is usually because the biological parents are not fit to care for the child. So a benefit to the child is being able to grow up in a stable and safe environment that their parents couldn't provide them with. If the child was put in an open adoption then the child may be able to be in contact with his/her biological parent(s) if the parents (both sets) wish.

What do you hope your child will accomplish in high school?

almost all parents does want their child to finish high school to be able to go to college after. but some parents does want their child to stand out from the other they want their child to be an honorable mention or even to be the batch's valedictorian they want their child to be more famous because they will be proud parents. for this times most of the parents jsut want their child to be educated.

What are the rights of disabled parents?

If the parent or parents are able to manage themselves perfectly fine without the child being a hindering problem, then the parent or parents have the right to adopt that child (some tests may be given.)

When a child sees a ghost and they get their parents will the parents be able to see the ghosts?

Your Child Can't See The Ghost Because They're Invisible. not true the child can still see them but no, even if the kid tells you the parent can not see them

If both parents are US citizens born in the US and they have a child and it is born in another country is this child able to be president?

No the child cannot be president. The child would be an American Citizen because the parents are but in order to become president of the US you have to be a born citizen.

What is the minimum age to be able to move out of parents house?

My son is 16, will be 17 in June- his girlfiend will be 18 in 3 weeks. My son insists he is leaving home to move in with her then. What is the legal age he can move out of his parent's house without me being able to stop him? We live in Texas.

How does child labor help children?

Child labor in a way is very bad but when we think of those poor children whose parents are not able to generate so much of income to support their family.Here child labor becomes a good thing as the small child is able to generate some income for his family and act as a helping hand for his parents.

What are the duties and responsibilities of children towards their parents?

NO RULES. nuff' said. ^^ no, duties and responsibilities can be anything basically. For example chores. if the parents are always busy and need help around the house chores would be a good idea. mainly, their duty is to be an obedient child and be able to make life easier for the parents

Construct a family pedigree of two unaffected parents with a child who suffers from cystic fibrosis?

You will start with the child first and build up backwards. You will then be able to figure out the parents and perhaps even further up.

Should parents that adopt their kid be able to have contact with their kid?

when you give your child up for adoption you are doing just that. giving your child up. you will not have and shouldn't have any contact with that child

In California how old does a child of divorced parents have to be to be able to have input on visitation?

There is no set age. It all depends on the maturity of the child and what the judge or mediator thinks.

In Illinois if a Father signed his parental rights over but now as the child is older he wants to see her again regularly. Does he have any rights at this point?

I think that the father does to a certain extent,nothing legal but at his house he makes all of the rules. because i know someone with this same issue, i think that if the child wants to see his or her father they should be allowed to when ever they want. And i think that when the child is with their father the father should make the rules for that house and even though he might not have any rights i say that it's his house so it should be his rules no matter if he has rights or not. And that if the child wants to do something, like go to town and hang out with some friends then they should be able to, the legal parents should not have to be contacted..the only reason why the legal parents should be contacted is if the child is asking for something that they normally don't ever get to do not even while with the legal parents. The father would still not have any legal rights but when the child goes to visit him it would be like going to a friends house and the legal parents say that whatever you do is up to the friends parents...its no different except that the legal parents might get scarred that the child might want to move out of their house and move back in with their dad.

Will the parents and kids have different Rh factor?

Yes. A classic example being two o+ parents with a recessive - trait will be able to produce a child who is O- and not O+ like the parents.

What is a child that call his parents by their first name?

by saying "what is a child?" i really don't understand but if kids call their parents by their first name,,maybe that is because they feel really respectful of their parents or maybe it means that the child dislikes their parents.I would be able to tell if it's either good or bad by their behavior,,,,hope ur child doesn't dislike u ^^

How can you move out of your parents house at the age of sixteen without parents consent?

you cant. You can move out at the age of 17 but the parents are able to go to court to get you back....after 18 you can move out permanently

Why should children not be able to contact their biological parents?

There are multiple reasons why adopted children should not be allowed to contact their biological parents, however this is dependent on the reasons why the children was put into foster/adoptive care. For example, some children are removed from their biological parent's care due to a matter of them not being able to care for the child, they may have broken the law are not fit to have the child. Considering this, the child, at the age of 18 are allowed to look into their biological parents if they wish. This is because they will no longer need permission. Many children choose not to do this as they settle with the adoptive families and feel no reason to contact their biological parents. Some children are placed for adoption as their parents feel it is the better option for the well being of the child. However, in these case the parents often opt for an open adoption which is designed so that the biological parents are still allowed relatively regular contact with their child. In this case, i believe it is fully acceptable for the child to have contact with the parent As long as the biological parent did no wrong by the child, i believe they should be able to contact their parents

Who can I contact to apply for child support?

Nationalchildsupport.com will be able to help you. They help parents all over the country get what they are deserved.

Would you be downtrodden if you couldn't live with your parents why?

Well, that really depends. If your parents throw you out of their house when you are still a child and have nowhere to go and wind up starving on the street, then you might very well consider yourself to be downtrodden. If you leave your parents' house and are able to support yourself successfully, or even if you move in with someone else (possibly another relative) who supports you, then you would probably not be downtrodden. I personally have not lived with my parents for the past 39 years, and it has done me no harm.

Can a 17 year old female with a 4 month old child move outof her parents house due to verbal abuse and manipulation?

I would say Yes. If you do not have any where to go then call a womens shelter. They should be able to help you. Please get help. This is not a healthy thing for your child or you to be exposed to.

How does a grandmother become a legal guardian?

If neither of the child's parents are able or willing to care for the child in a safe, loving environment, the grandmother can petition the court for custody of the child. You will need to retain an attorney, and you will also have to provide proof that the parent(s) are not either willing or able to care and provide for the child. You can also petition for the court to award child support to be paid to you by one or both parents if you do become the legal guardian of the child, as well as requesting that they maintain medical insurance on the child.

Should parents be able to smack children?

yes but only as long as it is not to hard and they have a reason for it No. Otherwise it's child abuise

Do you get your child back when adopted parents die?

No. Once you relinquish your parental rights for the child to be adopted, you cannot regain them except under truly extraordinary circumstances.If the adoptive parents died and the child would otherwise go into an orphanage or the foster care system, you might be able to petition to re-adopt your own child.

I'm 16 can I live with my girlfriends parents if mine are abusing me?

In general, no. First thing if you are being abused is to call the child-abuse hotline: at 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) then push 1 to talk to a counselor. You can call them from your girlfriends house and then speak to her parents for more advice.In order to move out of your house as a minor, you need to have a court ordered emancipation. You may be able to get legal aid. Read more about that in the link below.

How do you get Medicaid for a teen mother?

If the teen is not living with her parents, she and the child should be able to qualify on her own. If they are living with her parents, Medicaid will probably look at the entire family's income and resources.

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