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Q: How old do you have to be to buy a necklace at kohls?
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Where can you buy Kohls gift cards?


Where can you buy wheeled bookbags?

You can get them at Target and Kohls.

How old do you have to be to work at a Kohls store?

i am 15 working at kohls detroit, michigan.

What should i buy for my parents for Christmas?

gold necklace and old record player

Where can you buy a Naruto necklace?

You can buy a Naruto necklace in the "Related Links" belowAmazoneBayBonanza

Do Kohls sell studio works clothing?

Can I buy Studio Works clothing at Kohls Dept store

Where can you buy Xenophilius Lovegood's Necklace?

In a necklace shop.

Where to buy underwear?

Walmart or Kohls sell underwear.

Did Liz clairborne buy juicy couture?

No, Kohls did

Where can you buy Twin XL bedding sets for a ten year old boy?

Walmart, Kmart,, kohls, jcpennys

Where do you buy bras for eleven year old girls?

kohls or macys r best i got mine and macys and i m 12

Where can you buy henley shirts for girls?

You can buy girls henley shirts at Amazon, Aeropostale, Kohls, Free people, Old Navy and more. Just look on google!

Where can someone buy an knot necklace?

There are many places where one can buy a knot necklace. One can buy a knot necklace from popular on the web sources such as Overstock, Amazon, and eBay.

Where can you buy Grey Jeans?

At JCPenny, Charlotte Russe and Kohls

Where can one buy a mother of pearl necklace?

One can buy his/her mother a pearl necklace by going to a jewelry store. Alternatively, you can also shop and buy a pearl necklace from a different location.

Where can you buy the necklace from 16 wishes?

you can buy at Claire's

Where can you buy a messenger bag?

You can buy messenger bags at stores such as Kohls, Target, and even Walmart.

Where can you buy voortman cookies in Pennsylvania?

These cookies can be bought at Target and Kohls.

Where can you buy inexpensive bras?

Try target or kohls or JCpenneys or kmart.

Where can you buy a mockingjay necklace?


Where can you buy fake necklace from?

From China !

Where do i get a necklace like Justin bieber's?

you can buy his necklace in altanta goergia and california

How old do you have to be to work at Kohls Neptune New Jersey?

5 years old

How old do you have to be to work at Kohls in Austin Tx?

14 or 15

Did Gatsby buy a necklace for daisy?

No, Tom bought a 350,000 dollar necklace for Daisy