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Depends on what you are buying, where you are buying it and your age.

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Q: How old do you have to be to buy ammunition?
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How old do you have to be to buy shotgun ammunition in Maryland?


What types of ammunition can one buy at CCI Ammunition?

The types of ammunition that can be bouoght at CCI Ammunition has no limits because they list thousands of sellers that provide every type of ammunition to the consumer for their convenience.

What kind of ammunition do you buy for your Savage 99E 308?

Any Winchester 308 ammunition will work for you.

Where can you buy 38 cal rimfire?

Where can you buy .38 rimfire ammunition from

How do you get ammunition in tactical assassin 2?

go to the store and look in the top right corner, you can buy ammunition from there.

Can a convicted felon buy ammunition in Ga?

Convicted felons may not possess firearms, ammunition, or explosives.

Will Old Snake run out of ammunition on Virtual Range training?

No, Old Snake will not run out of ammunition on Virtual Range training.

Can a convicted felon buy rifle ammunition?

Not legally.

Do you have to sign your name when you buy ammunition?

Depends on the state.

Where to buy 25-10 rimfire ammunition?

You can probably find this at whatever store you buy ammunition at regularly. There might also be a food online options as well.

Where to buy 38 special plus p ammunition?

It can actually be harder to find standard velocity ammunition than higher pressure plus P ammunition. You can find the ammunition in a store that sells firearms.

How old do you have to be to buy a gun and ammunition in California?

Buying a gun from a dealer is controlled by Federal law- 18 for a rifle or shotgun, 21 for a handgun.

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