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17, in the US.

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Is there a good VCR I can buy to dub my old tapes to DVD?

It's not a VCR but there are machines you can buy that will do this.

Should I buy a VCR to DVD combo or buy once again my old favorite movies?

Try to buy a DVD converter. This is great for transferring VHS to DVD. You can find it on the internet, but it is very rare. Be sure and I think that you will not go wrong.

How old do you have to be to buy a DVD rated at a 12 in the UK?

I think the major clue is in the question!

Where can you buy DVD vr discs?

where can I buy computer dvd+vr discs

Where can you buy summerland on DVD?

you can buy 2 seasons on dvd from or ioffer.

Where can you buy teen mom series DVD?

Were can you buy teen mom on DVD

Where can someone buy Beaches on DVD?

The DVD of Beaches can be purchased in stores like HMV and Zavvi. It can also be found on eBay and Amazon Marketplace as it is quite an old DVD, as the film was released in 1988.

Where can one purchase old movies on DVD?

Many old movies have been restored and transferred over to DVD format. Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and many local video stores will have older movies in DVD form available for purchase.

Where can I buy the dvd heaven is round the corner?

Where can i buy the dvd film heaven is round the corner

Where can you buy the Arthur's Perfect Christmas DVD?

You can buy it on, or go to google and type in "buy arthur's perfect christmass dvd."

Will this is it be on DVD?

This movie is not out on DVD yet. This movie is in the theatres. You can buy it once it is sold on DVD.

Should you buy DVD plus r or DVD -r?


Where can one buy cheap DVD movies for sale?

One can buy cheap DVD movies for sale from Netflix, eBay, Half and Amazon. Many DVD movies collectors use these sites to buy cheap DVD to include in their range of collections. One can also buy cheap DVD movies for personal use.

Does a netbook have a DVD drive?

No you have to buy an external dvd drive

How much does a Twilight DVD cost?

Depends on where you buy the Dvd from.

Where to buy flamingo road DVD?

Flamingo road dvd

Where can you buy sonic and the black knight to DVD?

You can't buy it on DVD, it's a video game not a movie!

Where to buy buy a karaoke DVD player?

At Amazon. Search karaoke DVD player under electronics.

Where can you buy a DVD of Gawain and the Green knight 1973?

Where can I buy a DVD of Gawain and the Green Knight 1973

Where can you buy high school musical 3?

No you can not buy hsm3 on DVD its not in the movies so you no you can noy buy it you can not yet buy HSM3 on DVD its not even at the movies

What do you buy a 17 year old boy for Christmas?

just get him clothes or games consule game, DVD or CD

Where can you watch the movie Old Yeller?

Rent it from a video store, redbox, check it out from your public library. Buy the dvd.

Where can you watch up?

You can buy the DVD, rent the DVD, or try checking the DVD out from your public library.

When can you buy seventh heaven season 5 on DVD in Perth?

when can you buy 7th heaven season 5 on DVD in Perth WA? when can you buy 7th heaven season 5 on DVD in Perth WA?

Where can you find twlight on DVD?

You can buy Twilight on DVD at Walmart for about $20.