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16 with parental guidance. Of course you can drink without a parent there, but you can get in trouble by the law if you get caught. You have to have permission before you do it. To all the 16 year old kids out there, i wish you luck.

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yes, they are of age to drink. also: if she wasn'tof age, she can still legally drink alcohol if the parent or gaurdian gives it to her in their home

You have to be 18 to drink alcohol.

Like the rest of the country, they drink alcohol legally at 21.

Eighteen is the minimum legal age to drink alcohol in Russia.

The age to purchase alcohol in the US is 21. Parental consent will not change how old someone is. However, a parent may buy alcohol for someone over the age of 18, but they must drink it in their presence.

You have to be 18 years old to legally drink alcohol in the Bahamas.

Legal age for purchase of alcohol is 18, some states have provisions for people under 18 to drink (not in licensed premises) if in company of responsible parent

You're a horrible person if you give a 5 year old child alcohol in any amount to consume. If you are the parent or legal guardian you should have your child taken away by child services

18 years old is the legal age to buy and drink alcohol in Brazil.

To legally drink alcohol you must be 21.

you have to be 16 to drink and 18 to smoke ha

You have to be 18 to drink alcohol in Costa Rica.

21 ... you need to be old enough to drink alcohol before you can serve it or sell it.

You must be at least 5 years old to be able to drink alcohol at home, supervised by a parent or guardian (it is an offence for a younger child to do so). The youngest you can be to buy it yourself is 16, as a part of a meal in a pub or restaurant. If you want to buy it on its own, you must be 18.

You have to be 16 to be allowed to drink soft alcohol like beer or wine. With 18 you are allowed to drink hard aclohol like whisky, vodka,...

Nope, there is no emancipation statute in Mississippi. And the age of majority is 18.

21 years old... Please drink responsibly.

In every state except Mississippi

no you do not have to have parent consent if you are 18 years old you are a legal adult and can do what you please.

Yes, as long as you're over the age of FIVE you can drink alcohol at home in the UK :)

18 to serve alcoholl 21 to drink

To drink alcohol you need to be 18 or over.

NOBODY drinks alcohol in Brunei. You can't drink alcohol in Brunei. You can't buy alcohol in Brunei. You can't bring in alcohol to Brunei unless you have a permit(which is very hard to get). Alcohol is not acceptable unless it is in fragrance or something. No one is going to drink a perfume.

There is no legal age limit on drinking alcohol in Belgium. Of course there are laws about child abuse, so giving too much alcohol to children is not allowed. To order or drink alcohol in a bar or pub you must be 16 years old if there are no adults (+18) with you. For strong drinks that is 18 years old.

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