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How old was Queen Victoria when she had her silver jubilee?

She was 53 when she had the silver jubilee of becoming queen.

How old is the queen on her jubilee?


How old was the queen when she celebrated her silver jubilee?

she was 85yrs old

How old was queen Victoria when she had her diamond jubilee?

She was 78.

How old was queen Victoria when she celebbrated the golden jubilee?


What country is the word jubilee from?

The Latin word is Jubilaeus, the Greek word Iobelous. The words passed into old French as Jubile and into English as Jubilee

How old is the queens crown?


Who old is the queens crown?

over 200 years old.

Where can a 15yr old get a job in Rancho Cordova?

You can try applying at local grocery stores and fast food restaurants in Rancho Cordova. Not as many places hire 15 year olds.

How old do you have to be to work at dairy queens?

wat job can a 13 year old do

How old do you to the be to enter the old Olympics?

To enter the Olympics you have to be ate lest 16 years old

How old is Jubilee?

Jubilee is a teenage member of Generation X (X-Men comics). She was initially depicted as being from 12 to 14, among the youngest of the mutants harbored by Professor Xavier.

How old is Douglas Gillespie?

Douglas (Old Ed) Gillespie of Rancho Cucamonga, Ca is 87 years old. He is originally from Canada, and his birthday is 4-3-25

When is the queens birthday and how old is the?

Her birthday is April 21, 1926 and she is 90 years old!

How old do you have to be to legally smoke cigarettes in queens?

theres no age limit to smoking, but there is to purchasing, and in queens NY im assuming its 18

How old do you have to be to enter the Nerf champingchip?

You have to be at least 13 years old to enter in the contest.

What does the words La Cananda mean?

The Gulley, gorge or ravine. Area was Rancho La Canada in the old days.

What age was the queen when she took place in her silver jubilee?

The Queen was born on 21st April 1926. The date of her Silver Jubilee was 6th February 1977 making the Queen 50 years old on that date

How old do you have to be to enter la fitness?

you have to be 14 to enter =]

How old are the queens kids?

they all have family so they are more than 20 years old

What is the value of a Queen Victoria gold commemorative coin dated 1837 it is 2 inches in diameter showing the young queens head on one side and the old queens head on the other?

1837 was the year of Queen Victorias' Coronation. There were no coins issued with her image in 1837, and there were no commemorative coins issued during her reign. You may have a souvenir token or medallion. The old crowned head could indicate 1887, the year of her Golden Jubilee (50 years). The old veiled head could indicate 1897, the year of her Diamond Jubilee (60 years), or possibly 1901, the year of her death. There also a range of medals issued on various occasions and presented to other members of the Royal Family, selected government members, members of the police and other authority and representative groups.

Where can you a 15 year old find a job around queens?

At stores :)

What age was the Queens aunt Alice when she died?

1 year old

How long do most queens rule England?

It all depends how old they were when they became queen, and how old they are when they die.

What was Jane Goodall's favorite toy?

it was a toy chimpanzee named jubilee. her father gave it to her when she was about two years old.