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Q: How old do you have to be to join pottermore?
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Does it cost money to join Pottermore?

No, it is free to make an account.

How do you get on the Quidditch team on Pottermore?

You cannot join the Quidditch team on Pottermore.

What age do you need to be to join Pottermore?

Pottermore has no age limit. Those under the age of 13 need to have their parent or guardians permission.

How did you join Pottermore in December 2011?

Pottermore was supposed to open in October 2011. Unfortunately, the opening was delayed until April 2012.

How do you join Pottermore after the Magic Quill Challenge has ended?

You have to wait until it opens in October.

How do you join Pottermore if there is no register button?

Pottermore was in beta from July 2011 until April 2012. During this time nobody could register for the site. It opened on 14th April 2012.

Can you join Pottermore if you missed the Magic Quill Challenge?

Yes. When Pottermore was first launched, there were seven days in which users could sign up to be beta testers. Beta testers gained early access to the site while it was still in progress to help improve the experience and so the developers could deal with any problems with a small number of people. For example, in the early days Pottermore experienced a lot of sever overloading due to the amount of people on the website. Once the developers were happy, Pottermore opened to the general public and everybody was able to join.From September 2015 accounts were no longer required on Pottermore.

Do you have to pay for Pottermore?

No. Pottermore is 100% free.

When was Pottermore created?

Pottermore was created in 2011.

How do you join Pottermore?

In September 2015 the Pottermore website was completely redesigned and relaunched. The website no longer has user accounts and is able to browse freely.Previously to join Pottermore you would take the following steps:Go to the website and in the top right hand corner you will see a blue button that says sign up. Click on that button and follow the steps. Note that Pottermore did not allow you to choose your own username. You were given a choice of generated usernames to pick from as the site is aimed at children of all ages and that helped protect them.

What timezone is Pottermore in?

Pottermore is British. It is in the GMT timezone.

What is the search engine on Pottermore?

Pottermore does not have a search engine.

When is pottermore out for public release?

Pottermore is out for public release is October

Are there any Harry Potter virtual wolrds with quidditch teams?

I would defiantly check out Pottermore by J.K Rowling, which is the books turned into a virtual world. When you join you get sorted into a house and get your own wand and other awesome things. I'm pretty sure that you can do quidditch in there. Only problem is that Pottermore is currently in beta and only the beta users can use it. There's no official date for when Pottermore will be open to the public Hope that helped.

How do you sign in on Pottermore?

There is icon you can click on at the top of the page on the Pottermore website.

What is Rupert Grint's Pottermore username?

Rupert Grint does not have a Pottermore account.

Why can't you pick your own username on Pottermore?

Pottermore is designed for all ages and actively encourages young children to join. To protect children you are not allowed to enter your own username. Instead, you can choose from five randomly generated names when you register. This ensures that nobody can register with an inappropriate username.

Where do you register for Pottermore?

You sign up for Pottermore on the website www.pottermore.comFrom September 2015, Pottermore no longer had registered accounts.

Do you get to choose your own house in the Harry Potter interactive game?

It depends which interactive game you join. If you're talking about Pottermore, then no, you fill in a questionaire and are sorted based on your answers.

What date in April did Pottermore open?

Pottermore opened on the 14th April 2012.

Did Pottermore open on the 7th April?

No. Pottermore opened to the public on 14th April 2012.

Do you have to enter an email address for Pottermore?

Yes, you need an email address to register on Pottermore.

When is the next Pottermore registration?

Pottermore opened for public registration on 14th April 2012.

How many members are there on Pottermore?

There are currently over 10.8 million registered users on Pottermore.

Do you need to provide a email on pottermore?

you need an email address to sign up to pottermore