How old do you have to be to need a fishing license in CT?


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18 years of age in Ohio i know

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I now live in CT and do not have a CT license yet. I use to live in MA but haven't switched my license to CT yet. My MA license was recently suspended. Now that I live in CT can I get at CT license

Temporarily, yes, like if you are on vacation. If you are MOVING to NY, you will need to apply in THAT state fror THEIR driver's license.

Yes you can under CT statute 14-286. You don't need registration or insurance. Nor do you need motorcycle endorsement on you CT DMV license

In CT to drive a 50cc scotter or less you need a standard motor vehicle license. Above 50cc you must have a motorcycle license.

Yes. CT requires a bakery license, and a food service certification as well.

do ny speeding tickets affect a ct license

Good question. I believe they made changes that took effect this summer. I would call the motor vehicle department in CT to get the correct answer.

the law is 12 yars old no matter where....

You need a business license and sales tax id. As long as you are not advertising a cure or treatment then the FDA doesn't have anything to do with it either. Make sure you have good insurance also

In CT there is no such thing as a "Moped License" you must have an automobile drivers license to operate any vehicle on public streets. If the vehicle's engine is larger than 49cc, then you must also have a motorcycle license. and the vehicle must be registered and carry insurance. Search the CT MVP for all the laws, they are all online.

To answer your question, I would fear not. Get the bus schedule or find another looser friend that maybe has a license.

Check with the state. CT did not require a license for a boiler operator, but some cities did.

Yes you do. -Coming from a moped expert in Ct. On the other hand, the Stateys Don't really care.

you do not need to register a 49cc moped/scooter but you do need a car license to ride one. you are not allowed on turnpikes or highways and the top speed can not exceed 30mph.

It is a violation of the Massachusett licensing laws. You are not permitted to have more than one valid license and a suspended license counts.

The short answer is No. All mopeds and scooters with engines 49cc or less must have an operator with a CT MVB Drivers License. If above 49cc they must have a motorcycle license and the unit have plates and insurance.

I think you are at the age of consent and can get a driver's license.

At the present time Ct does not have a statewide Boiler operator license. Some citys in Ct do require a license . A statewide license is being contemplated for the near future. The nearest chapter of the "National Association of Power Engineers" NAPE would be able to where you could apply for a boiler operators license or training. Give them a call. Bear

If the engine on your moped is less than 50cc the moped does not need to be registered or carry liability insurance, but the driver MUST have a valid automobile drivers license.

To pour alcohol in CT you must be 18.

Yes, you will need a special license to operate a day care. You will also need a passenger endorcement on your driver's license in order to transport children. Here is the form for day cares in california

Based on a cursory internet search, yes, you must have a permit to purchase a handgun. For more information, see the related link.

Yes it will. Ohio will report the ticket to CT and it will be treated just as if you received the ticket in CT

To drive a scooter in CT you must have an automobile drivers license. If the scooters engine is over 49cc then you must also have a motorcycle license. I believe the minimum age is 17 to drive a car.

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