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A mini chopper is not quite small and light enough to be considered a moped/light scooter, so I believe you have to have a license to drive it on roads. In North Carolina, in order to drive a 2-wheeled vehicle without a license, you have to be 16, wearing a DOT approved helmet, and the bike has to meet these requirements:

50cc's or less

no external gearshift device

30 mph maximum speed

209 lbs or less

wheels have to be 10in in diameter or more

Many states will vary in their laws, but look up moped/scooter laws for your state and if your bike qualifies, then have fun, and be safe.

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How old do you have to be to ride a mini chopper in neighborhood streets?


Is it legal to ride mini bikes in neighborhood streets?

It can be, it mostly depends on the area and street laws!

How old do you have to be to ride a mini chopper on any street?


What age do you have to be to ride a mini bike on the streets?


Can you ride a mini chopper on the road without license?

im guessing no because it not street legal.

Are mini chopper street legal in Illinois?

I have talked to the sos dmv local pd had cops come look at my chopper an none of them can tell me the law on it so if there is no law then ride

Is a Razor electric mini bike street legal in Florida coral springs like can i use it in my little complex-neighborhood?

You can't ride them on the street. They are not street legal. You will need working headlights, tail lights, and they must be licensed and titled. You can;t get a tag for them, so you can't ride them on the street legally. The police will pull you over and give you a ticket. There is some good informatiom on Street Legal Mini Bikes at:

Do you need a license for a 47cc mini pocket bike in Texas?

no you dont but you cant ride them on the streets or sidewalks its illegal but its legal to ride them in parking lots and backyards

Do you have to register a 49cc pagsta mini chopper in LV Nevada?

Yes they are I ride mine every dai t school just like its a moped

How old do you have to be to ride a 49cc mini chopper?

any age as long as you ride it in the back yard and no roads *edit* In delaware, you can title and ride it on the roads so long as you have a valid drivers license, they dont even need motorcycle endorsement

Can you ride a 125cc chopper on the street?

It depends on your country

Is it illegal to ride a mini motorcycle in the streets?

Depends. Over a certain horsepower, bikes have to be legally approved for road use. Brakes, indicators, insurance...

Can a 14 old ride his motorcycle in a suburban neighborhood in Georgia?

No, since a 14 yr old has no driver's license.

Can you ride a horses in the streets of new york city?

It would not be very safe to ride horses in the streets. You are allowed to ride in Central park though.

Are mini choppers legal Canada?

Mini Chopper motorcycles are are illegal to ride in the public in Canada. Depending on the territory, the rules are more or less strict but the general concensus is that they can be ridden on private property and race courses only. Riding in public parks and sidewalks is illegal but you'll only be fined if you receive a complaint. Basically, these bikes are illegal everywhere but people ride them anyway. Just don't annoy others with them and you should be fine. I ride mine around the neighborhood and to the local convenient store. If you're still interested, theses bikes are a lot of fun, you can find the cooler ones online.

Can you be ten to ride ATV on the road?

yes you can ride a ATV but it is illegal to ride it in the streets.

Is it illegal to ride a goped on the streets?


Is it legal to ride a mini dirt bike on sidewalks in New Jersey?

No it is not legal to ride a mini dirt bike on sidewalks in New Jersey. In some states it is legal to ride mini dirt bikes on sidewalks.

Can you be a 11 to ride a mini pocket rocket bike?

can you be 11 to ride a mini pocket rocket bike in MASS EVERETT ?

What age do you have to be to ride a mini moto?

Yes I was 10 when I was allowed to ride a mini moto/cycle but I had to wear protective gear

How old do you have to be to ride a mini moto?

you can be any age to ride a mini moto. and ignore that other answer you cant make them road legal :)

Can you ride a mini horses?

Yes, you can ride miniature horses but it depends on the breed. The mini miniatures are not able to be ridden but have the ability to be driven.

Can you ride a 150cc chopper on the roads in Ontario?

Unfortunately, you cannot ride a 150cc chopper on the roads in Ontario without properly registering and licensing it. You may possibly register it if you declare it as a homebuilt chopper and you are also obligated to put signals and a brake light on the back of the bike to make it "street legal". i hope it helps,

Can you ride a pocket bike in a neighborhood?

in my neighborhood you can as long as your 16 years of age and its less then 50 cc

Can you ride ATV's on city streets?

No, it is not street legal.