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How old do you have to be to sign for a new car?

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Can you i return a new car if wife did not sign?

NO, If you signed your name and bought the car then you own the car. Your wife does not have to sign for you to buy a vehicle.

Can your son trade in your car to get him a new car?

Yes, but you would have to sign the papers for the title of your car to be transferred to the new owner.

What if you sign papers but did not give them a blank check for a new car are you still responsible for the car?

Once you sign the papers you are responsible

How old do you have to be to sign a contract to buy a car froma carlot?

You must be 18 years old to sign a legal contract.

Can you get your old car tag on the new car?

In CT you can transfer your present registration and old tags to your new car for a fee.

Do you need to sign the title of a new car you bought?

U Sign it if u bout it cash :))

Is it cheaper to buy a new car or changing an engine of an old car?

Usually cheaper to change an engine, but then you have an old car with a new engine.

Does is followed by has or have?

The verb does' is followed by have:'Jo does have a new car'Or:'Jo has a new car'Otherwise:'Jo did have [had] an old car''Jo and Kim [do] have a new car''Does Jo have a new car?''Has Jo a new car?'

Can I sign my deceased mother's car title to a new buyer?

Did you inherit the car? If so, yes. If you did not inherit the car, then no.

Can parking tickets on an old car get your new car impounded?

If you transferred the plates to your new car...yes

Does trading in a car affect your credit?

Trading in a car does not affect your credit unless you sign a new car loan and get a new car. This may negatively or positively effect your credit.

Can the lien againts an old car be transferred to a new car?

Yes, when you buy the new car the remaining amount owed on the old car will be refinanced in the new financing and "transferred" in this manner. It can not be transferred unless you approve, but you can not sell the old car (Trade in) unless you approve the transaction that does this.

Where can you go to get a new car with no deposit?

Most new car dealers will offer a "sign and drive" program, depending on your credit rating.

What safety features does an old car and a new car have?


Can a car dealer make you sign a new contract?

yes they can ! <3 (:

How can you tell an old beach from a new beach?

if it has a sign

You still have finance on your car but like a new car how can you do this?

The amount you owe on your old car is added to the loan on the new car,and that finance company is suppose to pay off your old loan.

How old do you have to be to get car insurance?

In order to legally sign a contract, you must be 18.

What constitutes a new car?

Low mileage is the deciding factor of whether a car is new or old.

Do I have to sign a new contract or can i return the vehicle since it was the dealerships mistake?

If there was a mistake on the dealers part they can't force you to sign a new contract. However, if you have had the car for very long they may be able to charge you for the use of the car.

In Illinois when you buy a new car at a dealer and privately sell your old car do you pay tax on the difference or on the entire amount of the new car?

You will pay on the value of the new car.

You want to surprise your wife with a new car but she owns the car Can you sale your wifes car if you have the title?

If the car is titled in her name she will need to sign title to sell.

How old do you have to be to buy a new car-Texas?

There is no age requirement for buying a new car. As long as you have the cash, you can buy a car.

Are you automatically covered by your old car insurance policy when you buy a new car?

NO... You need to let the car insurance company know that you bought a new car.

Why would you buy a new car if your old car was working and paid for?

You might buy a new car if it is a cool looking car. That's all i can think of!