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Most students take the SAT in their Junior year of high school. However it is possible to qualify to take it as early as the 7th grade if accepted by programs such as the Duke University Talent Identification Program. Qualifications are based on standardized state and national test scores.You can also take it in 5th grade if yo work very hard.

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Q: How old do you have to be to take the SAT?
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Does an International Student have to take the SAT test?

Can a high school graduate take the SAT?

How old is Sat Mahajan?

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How old do you have to be to take the SAT Chinese test?

The mean age of Chinese students who receive full-time education is 18 when they take the test.

Where can you find the SAT scores for the new SAT and old SAT score ratings?

Check this out, its got your answer within:

What is the score on the old sat?

The "old" SAT is measured on a 1600-point scale (800 for mathematics and 800 for verbal).

What is prefect SAT score for old SAt?

On the old SAT, there was just the reading and the math section, each is worth 800 points. The new SAT includes a writing section which is also worth 800 points. So the old = 1600. New = 2400.

Can you take the sat subject test without taking sat 1?

Yes, you can take subject tests without having to take the SAT I; however, it's recommended. Generally, most colleges require both SAT I and SAT II, although some don't require the SATs at all.

Can you take SAT and SAT Subject tests in One day?


What test can you take to prepare you for the SAT reasoning test?


Is 1270 a good SAT score?

For the old SAT, a 1270 SAT score is on the low end of the spectrum. The average SAT score is around 1500. For the New SAT, out of 1600 the score would be significantly better. This score using the new test corresponds to a 1780 in the old SAT out of 2400.

Can you take your SAT in college?


Where can I take a practice SAT test online?

You can take a practice SAT test online on the sat college board website. Also is a great website for SAT practice tests. I highly recommend both.

Should you take the SAT or GED or ACT?

After earning your GED credential, sign up to take the ACT and/or the SAT.

If you do not take sat or act can you still play by ncaa rules?

can you play by ncaa rules if you do not take sat or act

Do you have to take sat to get into a technical college?

of course everyone in college have to take the sat test in able to past college.

Can you take SAT in Kazakhstan?

Yes, you can. You can take SAT in Astana, Almaty, Karaganda and Aktobe. Astana and Almaty even have SAT prep centers, such as and Archimede's Study Group.

When do you take the SAT?

An ideal time to take the SAT would be during your junior and senior years of high school. You may take the SAT before then, but it is most crucial for your college preparation to take it during your last two years of high school.

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Take the PSAT?

If you are looking to go to college, you should definitely take the SAT. Most colleges require you to send them your SAT scores as part of the application process. A great way to find out how you stand before you take the SAT is to take the PSAT the year before you take the SAT. Your PSAT high score will help you identify areas that you need to improve and areas that you are good in.

Are their any SAT prep courses available to take online?

The SAT home website offers all of the materials you'll need to prepare for the SAT test. Check online and see what you need to do to get started with online SAT training. You can even take a full-length SAT prep test.

Do you have to take the SAT or ACT to get into St. Edwards?

You must take either the SAT or the ACT to get into St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas.

Can you take the SAT with a GED?

Yes you can.There shouldn't be any problem and taking the SAT can help with your college.

When do you take an SAT?

The SAT is usually taken by high school juniors and seniors in preparation for college.

Do you need to take the SAT Reasoning Test to get into a four year collage?

U need to take either the SAT or ACT to get into a four year college. You only need to take what the highschool requires which is usually one or the other or sometimes both, and if the "reasoning test" is part of the SAT that they give then yes you do, however you do not need to take the SAT II which is for specialty areas.

Can you get in college with out sat?

yes, you can get into college without taking the SAT or ACT, but it might be a little harder. Some colleges have an entrance exam that you take if you didn't take the ACT or SAT. Those tests they grade some of the same ways the SAT and ACT are scored.