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This issue is a "judgment call" rather than a legal one. If it is a matter of a pre-teen or teenager caring for a child for a few hours, both sets of parents should use their own judgment as to the capability of the minor to handle various situations, such as an injury or illness or any emergency. Very few states have laws citing specific ages pertaining to child care or "latchkey" children and problems arise only when some unfortunate incident has occurred such as the child/children being cared for are injured or in some way neglected. In most legal arenas it is presumed a minor who is at least 14-years-old is capable of demonstrating reasonable care when it pertains to younger children.

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Q: How old do you have to be to watch a child in Pennsylvania?
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How old do you have to be babysit the state of Pennsylvania?

How old do you have to be to babysit a 4year old child legally in the state of pennsylvania.

How old can a child babysit in Pennsylvania?

I think it's 13

In Pennsylvania does a 16 year old become an adult if she has a child?


How old does a child have to be to babysit a 1yr old?

a child has to be 12 and up to watch an 1 yr old child because they should know how to be responsible for things

How old do you have to be to watch a small child?

at least 12 years old is the min to my mine

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The father of the child being born really should watch his child's birth.

How old can a child stay home and watch a younger sibling?

The legal age for a child to stay home in the United States, is 13. it is up to the parent if the child is able to watch a sibling

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Can a 12 year old child request to live with his 24 year old sister in Pennsylvania?

Sure if the parent of the child says yes and the sister proves to be a responsible guardian.

Can a child who is 12 years old watch a younger sibling?

Legally yes

How old does a child have to be in Pennsylvania to decide which parent they want to live with?

12 yep just 12 The judge will probably want to talk to the child to see if they are old enough to know their own mind.

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What are Pennsylvania's child labor laws?

Child Labor is very complicated. Therefore the same rules do not apply in pennsylvania.

What is the legal age for a child to watch other children?

One years old of course

How old can a child stay home and watch younger sibling in state of Maryland?

A minor child has to be 13 years old to stay home alone or watch other minor children in the state of Maryland. This is one of the few states that has a dedicated age law.

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The state of Missouri actually has no law regulating the age at which a child can be left alone at home, so you could leave your six year old child at home to watch your five year old child, and it would still be technically legal.

How old does a child have to be to watch a 1 yr old?

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What can you do if you know a parent that a mentally ill parent kicked out her 16 year old child in Pennsylvania?

Learn how to properly write.

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Yes. In Pennsylvania, there is no specific age. They only can if they feel safe. If the child doesn't feel safe alone, you can't let him.

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