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How old do you have to be to work in a animal shelter?


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You sometimes have to be 13 years old. But mostly, you need to be at least sixteen. You can even find one that lets kids under thirteen, but you have to be with an adult. Hope des this helps! Lossiebeth H.


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yes young people can work at the animal shelter

Yes, because you have to be at least 12 years old to work alone at an animal shelter.

It depends on the shelter. Most will accept volunteers as young as 14, but it may differ by state. Go and ask at the shelter you want to work at.

At certain shelters yes you can, I am glad you are looking into it! Volunteering at an animal shelter is the best volunteer work anyone can do!

At the age of twelve you could find an animal shelter, but a lot require you to be older. You should contact your local animal shelter, have them talk to your guardian and work something out.

it depends on which animal shelter that you work for.

It really depends on what animal shelter, but yes.

yes, sometimes, but in certain places a 13 year old can only volunteer.

You have to be at least 16 to volunteer at an animal shelter. You have to be at least 16 to volunteer at an animal shelter.

You could work at an animal shelter or goodwill store. It depends on where you live.

How much does it cost to shelter an animal at an animal shelter

call the shelter that you want to work at and they will be able to tell you. it is different for all shelters.

you can feed the animals , play with them and, you can also adopt one if you like

Depends on the animal shelter, but probably if your parents sign a whole bunch of papers.

i don't know exactly how old but my friend is 10 or 11 and used to help at one. it depends an the shelter so contact your shelter and ask what you can do and how old you have to be.

The best place for any teen would be an animal shelter!

Contact an animal shelter near you to ask about volunteer openings. The volunteer's age is important when considering the type of shelter to contact.

No any volunteering services could not services for 13 years Volunteers in Animal Shelter. Age should be min 17,18 years for applying in animal shelter.

I believe any age!! you may have to get parent permission, but most animal shelters would LOVE to have any kind of volunteer!

you can work at an animal shelter near you so the animals know that some kids care for them very much.

You can only get a job if you are 14 but next year you could work at an animal shelter or clinic

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