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18 unless you get your parents permission


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You have to be 18 and older or your parents have to sign u up for you to go at 16

Yes, I saw a three year old go paragliding in France, so I think you would be allowed to go bungee jumping in Nepal.

The oldest bungee jumper that I have seen documented, is Mohr Keel, who jumped at age 96, from the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa. I have seen a claim on a bungee site, saying that the oldest bungee jumper was age 100, but I can only vouch for the 96 year old. You can see his jump at the following link: Best%20U%20Tube%20video%20links/The%20Worlds%20Oldest%20Bungy%20Jumper%20-%20CNN%20iReport.webarchive

you have to be 21 years old to move out of your parents' house in Oregon.

Baby kangaroos, or joeys, are at least six months old before they are physically developed enough to jump. They do not need to learn to jump, as it is instinctive for them to jump when they are physically ready.

No, a license isn't required until 14.

The state of Oregon was founded in 1859. Prior to that it was part of the Oregon Territory.

The minimum age for a minor to work in Oregon is 14 years. Appropriate proof documentation is required. This can be in the form of a passport, birth certificate etc.

i am a 12 yr old figure skater and what momentum has to do with it is if you jump or spin, you need alot of momentum to get you to jump higher! SOrry, 12 year old girl, you arent allwoed on this site. Be gone.

You have to be at least 14 years of age to get a job in oregon.

in oregon, you must be 12 to get a babysitting lisence

is it legal for my 16 year old to drop out of school in Oregon

i know a girl who can jump about 1.60 m in high jump. im not sure how but that is the highest 13yr old girl jump i no.

Because they need there joeys to sit somewhere because the joeys aren't old enough to jump

One of it is "How old is it?"

On February 14th, 2011 Oregon turned 152 years old, since it became a state in 1859.

For a 12 year old girl, 1 metre is the average height for the high jump.

you have to be 12 years old!!

You have to be an adult to do so. In Oregon, that is 18 years old.

i can jump 10 at nine year old

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