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Hens start laying eggs when they're 4-5 months old. It also depends on the breed because leghorns can start laying eggs at 3-4 months old while others like Rhode Island Reds have to be 6-7 months old before they can produce any.

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Q: How old does a chicken need to be till it can lay a egg?
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How long from when the chicken lays an egg till it can lay another?

one day

Does a chicken need a rooster to fertilize each and every egg or does the chicken only need the rooster to lay eggs?

a chicken need a rooster to fertilize it's sex cell whatever it is A chicken can lay an egg without a rooster but the egg can never be hatched. If the egg is fertilized then the egg is able to hatch.

Do you nee a boy chicken to get the girl chicken pregnant to lay an egg?

Yes, you need a rooster/cockeral to fertilise the hen then she will lay a feritlised egg and sit on it for 3 weeks

Can a cockrel lay egg?

No a male chicken cannot lay an egg.

What type of egg does a chicken lay?

Well, this one is easy. A chicken lays a chicken egg. Any rumors that a chicken would lay a duck egg are just false...only ducks lay duck eggs. The eggs chickens lay are always chicken eggs.

Can a chicken lay a egg without a rooster?

A chicken can lay an egg without a rooster. Those eggs are the ones we eat. When a chicken lays and egg with the rooster involved, the egg will hatch to become a chick.

What did farmer john show his chicken when wouldn't lay any egg?

When Farmer John's chicken would not lay an egg, he showed the chicken an egg sample. This is a well known joke.

Why does a chicken lay an egg?

They lay eggs, because they want to.

What kind of egg does a wicked chicken lay?

A bad egg

When is the chicken going to lay an egg?

Usually, a hen will lay an egg six months after it has hatched.

How do you know what color egg a chicken will lay?

You can guess what color egg a chicken will lay today if you know the color it laid yesterday. It will be the same.

Where does the male egg start?

All chicken can lay egg but not a fertile egg.

Why did the chicken lay an egg?

a person scared it and it got to egg-cited

How do chickens lay eggs?

They are two different slots in the rear of a chicken. One for poop one for eggs. the egg start small, it gets bigger and bigger till the chicken lays it.

Who are McCain's supporters?

people who support McCain need to suck an egg and lay a freaking chicken. IN YOUR FACES.

Why does a chicken not lay an egg?

it might be because the chicken is too old, sterility................

Why did your chicken lay a tiny egg?

because it wants to

Can a chicken lay an egg without the rooster?


How many egg does a chicken lay?

One at a time,,,,

What color of egg does an Arcana chicken lay?


How long does it take for a chicken to lay a egg?

The actual formation of the egg inside the chicken takes about 24 hours, but when they sit down to lay the egg it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours.

What can cause a chicken to lay a bloody egg shell then die shorty after laying the egg the hen has a very bloody vent area?

Egg Peritonitis and Salmonella are the two diseases that can cause a chicken to lay a bloody egg shell.

Does a chicken need a rooster to produce an egg?

No it does not. It will still lay eggs, they will just not be fertilized. They will never hatch.

Does a chicken need a male to reproduce?

Can a chicken reproduce without a rooster? The answer is NO, however, a hen will lay eggs, but a rooster is needed to fertilize the egg in order for it to hatch into a baby chicken.,

How does chicken lay egg with no fertilisation?

They lay eggs just the same, but they wont hatch.