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Personally, I have two children,10 and 3, and i allowed my children to be alone in the bathroom(with the door open, and often looking in on them) when they were 2 years old or so. Never before that age because they don't have the reflexes and other motor skills to prevent any accidents. I think letting them play in the water by themselves or an older sibling is great fun for them, and it allows a stressed out parent a break(it makes a mess sometimes but it's worth it, lol!) Just never leave them alone too long and keep music or other noise down so you can actively hear what's up in there. As for letting them completely alone in the bath(with the door shut) probably 5 years old or when they start kindergarden is cool. Another thing is don't let them lock the door in case they need your help. 21 years old! No, seriously, you NEVER want to leave a child alone in the tub, EVER. It takes only 2 minutes for tradgedy to strike. If they are old enough to bathe alone, no assistance, then it's O.K., but other than that, it's not worth the risk, even for ONE minute. Ignore the phone, siblings fighting etc.. If you must leave, take the child out of the tub and bring them with you. One mother I know, who had a hadicapped child in the tub with a safety stap on a special bathing platform went to get clean towels and was gone about 1-2 minutes. The child slipped down below the safety stap and DROWNED> It's not worth the chance. Besides losing a child, the guilt etc.. you could be charged with negligent homicide. PLEASE, do not leave a child alone in the tub, even under the supervision of an older sibling. IT'S NOT WORTH IT. GODSPEED

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2006-04-08 18:06:28
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Q: How old does a child have to be before letting them be alone in the bath?
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